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Wondering How To Make Your SEMI-MODULAR KITCHEN Rock? Read This!


These days, modular kitchens somewhat have become a necessity. Any homeowner moving into a new home goes for a modular kitchen and wardrobes typically at the very least. Most people do not stop interrogating whether a modular kitchen is the fine choice for them. Yes, now the question arises in your head – is there an alternative? In fact, for those who are not known to it, a wonderful option is a semi-modular kitchen.

What is a Semi-Modular Kitchen?

Semi-Modular kitchen is even known as a civilized kitchen. This has a reason that it undergoes installation without making any sort of civilized changes in the kitchen. If your contractor has already installed a sink and a countertop, for example, you won’t be able to install a completely modular kitchen without tearing down the previous one. However, a semi-modular kitchen can be erected without causing any damage to the current kitchen, allowing you to make the best use of your existing resources.

Distinction between a Semi-Modular Kitchen and a Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

  • Condition of the Site: Modular kitchen can only be installed in a completely empty kitchen
  • Make: modules are factory-made and assembled on-site
  • Customization: Pre-set dimensions. Minimum customization is probable.
  • Materials Used: Made with plywood and a set of finishes.
  • Time: Can be delivered in 45 days.
  • Repair: Disassembled as per module and repaired in the factory.

Semi-Modular Kitchen

  • Condition of the Site: Can be installed even if you want to retain the counter, sink or other feature
  • Make: Made primarily on-site. Some parts such as cabinet doors are manufactured in factories.
  • Customization: Kitchen can be customized to fit different and often irregular dimensions
  • Materials Used: Can incorporate strong materials like aluminum that have a higher resistance
  • Time: Can be delivered in 45 days
  • Repair: Has to be fixed on-site

When is a Semi-Modular Kitchen Required? 

Now, it is known to all of us that modular kitchens are very efficient and useful. No doubt these kitchens are so much popular. But, whether you should go for a semi-modular or modular kitchen is dependent on many different factors.

Mentioned below account for some reasons why a semi-modular kitchen becomes the right option:

  • Your hired builder has already given you a countertop and a sink, or you want to retain the existing counter/sink/times in your kitchen. In short, you don’t want to make any civil changes.
  • You have an irregular-shaped kitchen that so modular cabinets won’t easily fit in.
  • You don’t want a plywood kitchen. Instead, you want something more durable like aluminum.
  • You want to ensure complete space utilization. Since modular kitchens are available in pre-set dimensions, this may not be probable. Semi-modular kitchens, on the other hand, allow you to tailor the cabinet proportions to your liking.
  • In addition, if you have in the lower half of your kitchen, pillars or columns that you don’t prefer tampering with.

Semi-Modular Kitchens Cost

We all Indians are price-sensitive, quite a lot. So when it is told that something is great, it has all the advantages and you should go for it outright, our immediate response firstly comes that it must be very much expensive. But, for some time, you will be astonished. Semi-modular kitchens are quite reasonable and definitely not much costlier than the modular kitchens.

The Semi-Modular Kitchen Designs Available in India

Apart from the Technical details, civilized kitchens are as good-looking as their modular counterparts. Rather, the only way to tell the difference is when the cabinets are opened. So, if you need to be somewhat inspirational, you must assure you explore some of our available designs.

  • Two-toned Kitchen: A mix of neutrals and white is perfect for a compact kitchen like this one. Besides, the darker neutrals go off against the lighter ones.
  • L-shaped Kitchen: The thumb rule should be followed to never block a window. Rather, this L-shaped kitchen serves as proof.
  • Open and Closed Storage: Even if you are opting for semi-modular options, still you can have both options of open and closed storage.
  • A Pop of Red: Everybody loves a red kitchen, be it modular or semi-modular!
  • Wooden Finish for the Kitchen: There is nothing quite as elegant as wooden when it comes to kitchens.


A semi-Modular kitchen is even known as a civil kitchen because it is installed without making any civil changes to the kitchen. You can induct a semi-modular kitchen sans alteration of the existing kitchen; thereby enabling you to make judicious use of your existing resources. You will be astonished. Semi-modular kitchens are quite reasonable and definitely not much costlier than modular kitchens. Civil kitchens are just good-looking like their modular counterparts. Rather, the only way to tell the difference is when the cabinets are opened. So go ahead with semi-modular kitchens and customize the cabinets’ dimensions as per your specifications.

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