Managing Issues of Modular Kitchen in Solan

Design an efficient kitchen requires a lot of brainstorming and planning. For setting up a modular kitchen in Solan or any other vicinity most of the homeowners rely on the services of an interior designer. If you hire the right professional and dealers to do the job planning, customizing and installing modular kitchen would turn out to be a pleasant experience. It would be easy to purchase the right set of accessories according to your needs and the space available in the kitchen. The right set of appliances can be found and integrated with help of expert designers. Though most of the dealers or manufacturers offer maintenance advice and aftercare it would be a problematic task to call them every time whenever you are having a problem. In terms of a modern kitchen, there are several issues faced by homeowners. This blog post will provide you with some informative tips if you are wondering to tackle them. There are some common hassles that you might face and advice on how to resolve them is given below.

Steps Involved in the Planning Process

  • Messed up cabinets: Modular kitchen is commonly known for its beautiful and well-organized cabinet. Though it would be a difficult task to maintain cabinets and drawers in the best possible manner. Your kitchen can be an eyesore if you are having cluttered counter space and overflowing cabinets. This would make the cooking experience stressful and time-consuming. To resolve this issue you need to organize the food items, utensils and other stuff according to its usage. To illustrate, frequently needed vessels and spices could be kept at your reach. All the other items that you don’t use should be kept away in drawers and other storage units quite perfectly.
  • Lack of storage: In most of our Indian kitchen we are having an excess number of the latest set of appliances and accessories as we are fond of buying them whether they are useful to us or not. We also receive a lot of kinds of stuff as gifts that occupy a lot of space in our cabinets. Maximizing the available space can be done by installing corner drawers, pull-outs, racks, pegboards and other creative storage items. You can also add an island counter to your kitchen so that it would provide storage and also act as a dining table for mealtimes.
  • Dull and dreary interiors: The kitchen spaces should always look bright and smell fresh. Your kitchen can look bland due to a lack of cleanliness and timely maintenance. Good ventilation in the kitchen helps to reduce mould and bacteria growth. Allow some air and natural light to come into your cooking spaces. For brightening your kitchen interiors painting the walls with a bright shade of colours and choosing the layered lighting scheme is also good.

Problems and Solutions of Modular Kitchen in Solan

With growing pressure and needs running a kitchen smoothly won’t be an easy task. We will discuss some of the common kitchen problems and how to tackle them in this blog post.

Problem 1 – When space is scarce: For their organized layout and efficient usage of available space, the Modular kitchen in Solan are well known. Sometimes it happens that the kitchen is already full and you can’t find space to stock up items or to prepare the meals. So don’t worry about this as there is always a creative method to increase the space.

  • Solution 1 – Install new storage units: You can consider adding built-ins and pull-outs. By installing racks, pull-outs, and drawers corners and other dead spaces in your kitchenette can be utilized.
  • Solution 2 – Option for built-in appliances: This solution might suit you if you can afford to replace the existing appliances. You need to pick built-in appliances for your modular kitchen in Solan instead of large standalone appliances. This thing not only increases the available space in your modular kitchen but also makes maintaining the appliances easier.

Problem 2 – Too much clutter: Cluttered and messy kitchen is always considered to be an eyesore and it is very difficult to work on them. You need to learn how to organize better if you wish to have clutter-free modular kitchens in Solan.

  • Solution 1 – Purchase a trolley: In cleaning out your counter space, buying a portable table or trolley can prove to be beneficial. All the small and big items should be kept on your counter areas into the trolley so that you can easily access them. You can easily move around when the items are no longer needed.
  • Solution 2 – Add a pantry: Additional storage option is the most obvious benefit of having a pantry. The pantry features shelving as well as open space, thus it would be perfect for systematically arranging a variety of things. Cooking is made easier and more convenient in a well-organized kitchen pantry as every food item is stored in an easily accessible place.

Problem 3 – When the kitchen starts smelling unpleasant: Sometimes nasty odour starts coming from your kitchen. As kitchen plays a very important role in the health and well being of a family. So it is very essential to keep the cooking spaces fresh and neat.

  • Solution 1– Find and eliminate the cause: Find out the origin of the odour so that you can find out how to get rid of the same. There can be many reasons for that odour like moisture in the sink, waste in the bin or drip tray in the back of the fridge or anything else. To get rid of those nasty odours you may use baking soda, coffee grounds or vinegar.
  • Solution 2 – Ventilate your kitchen: The kitchen should always be ventilated in the right manner. Windows should be kept open while cooking. A range hood should be installed if your kitchen is not having any windows or ventilation. This would help in getting rid of odours, excess smoke and moisture.


Interior designers or experienced professional can fix the issues promptly. Some tips and tricks are needed for fixing the common problems. The best way to have a systematic and well–organized kitchen is by choosing the right design solutions and fixing problems at the earliest. If you are planning to design a functional yet attractive modular kitchen in Solan, you can get some useful tips and information on how to choose kitchen cabinets and modular kitchen designs.

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This blog throws light on the issues confronted by the kitchen users along with the problems faced regarding diverse aspects. Well, there are well-established suggestions to the issues faced by the users along with solutions given to the concerned problems one by one, such that the reader is overcome with all the fears he has in his mind towards the installation of a modular kitchen in Solan. For sure, by reading this blog, the reader will unconditionally go for the same.