Must-haves for a Gorgeous Modular Kitchen in Jalandhar

Investment in the tight set of strategies and design plans would give you the most spectacular modular kitchen in Jalandhar or your vicinity. Below listed are some of the most essential features you need to buy while building your dream kitchen. Go ahead and take a look at the following pointers to gain a better idea.

  • Adequate Lighting: Whether you have a closed or open modular kitchen in Jalandhar, incorporating the right set of lighting fixtures are crucial. Not only it is a fundamental feature of a kitchen, but it even enhances the overall appeal of your kitchenette. If you wish to brighten the cooking spaces without breaking the budget, then attempt to invest in LEDs. LED lighting is durable, energy-efficient, cheaper and ensures the best value for your money.
  • Ample Room for Seating: One of the most imperative benefits of having a modular kitchen in Jalandhar is its flexibility. While planning the kitchen layout, make it a point to include some space for guest seating. When there is enough room for people to gather around and converse, there won’t be any interference or difficulties. You may consider adding roundtables, drop-leaf or extendable tables.
  • Organized Storage: With modular kitchens, you can make the most out of the available storage. That is why it is wise to add organized drawers. Categorizing and storing the products in diverse drawers will help in the maintenance of the cleanliness of your kitchenette. You may consider inserting dividers into drawers to avoid the piling up of stuff.
  • Corner Storage: The motto of a small kitchen design layout is to exploit every inch of available space that is why you need clever cabinet organizers. Choosing the right set of cabinetry will help you in maximizing the dead spaces of the kitchen. Quite easily, you can find a vast array of cabinet organizers online or in your nearby store. Else, you may discuss it with your designers and get it done while installing the modular kitchen.
  • Sturdy Hardware: The cabinets of your kitchen should be easily accessible and at the same time, it needs to be protected with the best quality products. Oils or moisture content from our hands can wear out or dirty up the cabinets. However, adding knobs or sleek pulls to the cabinets will enhance their longevity and appeal. Make sure you choose a solid metal or something sturdy for the cabinets.
  • Hand Towels: Most homeowners prefer using paper towels in their kitchen. However, it not just forms a mess but even increases the waste. Using decorative linen towels is a wiser alternative as adds a new elegance to your cooking space. Hence, make it a point to buy and stock up cloth napkins, cleaning towels or microfiber cloths in your kitchen.
    Waste Disposal and Recycling Unit: When buying waste bins, choose the containers with lids. It possible, keep the waste bins in hidden storage spaces. Also, you may consider adding a recycling unit in your kitchen so that it would be easy to separate waste and recyclables.

Maintenance of Modular Kitchen in Jalandhar

Investing in a modular kitchen brings with maintenance questions. In most cases, a modular kitchen maintenance is like maintenance of any other kitchen. Ticking little chores off a checklist which would anyway do goes a long way. Mentioned below is a small list of the ‘obvious’ checklist to maintain modular kitchens:

  • Wipe Down Counter-Tops: Anyone who has ever cooked in a kitchen in their lifetime would know that a simple wipe down after a cooking session goes a long way. The best way of removing stains and dust is making sure they don’t stay for long initially.
    Tip: Having a small spray bottle with some water or a safe cleaning liquid handy near the cooking area would greatly help the wipe down process. If nothing else the entire workstation which is the most visible and the most used part of any kitchen is maintained almost on its own by adopting this process.
  • Cutlery Conundrum: Some types of cutlery are highly prone to getting stained, which are harder to be removed. About wooden cutlery part of the charm is that the colour morphs with time. This is true on chopping boards, salad bowls and some serving spoons. However in your modular kitchen, the rest of the cutlery must have had stains on them.
  • Solving this issue begins with choosing the right cutlery in the first place apart from this making specific note of the ones prone to staining and retaining grime and cleaning them with warm water as soon as possible goes a long way in not only presenting a good picture before guests but ensures that such cutlery does not make other storage spaces such as drawers dirty.
  • Cook-Tops’ Conundrum: Cooktops are generally wiped down at the end of each day. It may not make sense to do it after every cooking session but if it is possible, nothing like that. The simple logic is as such the younger stains can be easily cleaned and cause less damage to the appliance in the long run. Cook-tops and hobs do not come cheap and they are integral to all modern kitchens in Jalandhar. They need to be accessible at all times and must be well functioning. An inefficient cook-top will prove entire kitchen as nothing more than useless.


It is always the smallest and simplest things that add a new style and unexpected flair to the cooking spaces in your home. Modular kitchen in Jalandhar and other urban areas of the country are growing in popularity. One of the hesitations is regarding the maintenance of the kitchens. Not to be feared. They are built to used comfortability; the good ones at least. Some basics will always need to be tended to, no matter what the kitchen design and modular kitchens in Jalandhar are the same.

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This blog concentrates on what are the compulsory must-haves of a modular kitchen in Jalandhar with in-depth explanations of every item listed. This is followed by the procedure for the maintenance of these modular kitchens regarding these listed items as to how they must be cleaned and restored to good condition. Here as well in-depth explanations have been given and submitted such that the reader will have a clear cut understanding of the modular kitchen in Jalandhar and will even be interested to go for the same.