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Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue for your dream Wardrobe

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue

Storage is essential in every home, but it is essential in flats where space is limited. A sliding door wardrobe is a sensible solution for adding extra storage space and keeping your room clutter-free in a bedroom. The shutters on sliding door wardrobes do not swing out as they do on ordinary wardrobes. Instead, the doors move horizontally between the tracks and are attached to a channel at the top and bottom of the wardrobe frame. Sliding door wardrobes take up little space, making them ideal for a tiny bedroom. Sliding wardrobe designs are a functional and aesthetically appealing alternative for giving your bedroom a trendy makeover or choosing décor for your new house.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could get a simple yet effective bedroom wardrobe design catalogue to refer to?

Now that we’ve learned how functional and stylish sliding wardrobes are. Let’s look at some of the most recent wardrobe designs that will wow you in no time. And quite amazingly, you will be able to even locate them in the Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue towards suiting your own convenience.

Why would you need Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue as a reference

After the bed, the wardrobe is the most often utilized piece of furniture in your bedroom. It stores your hand-knit sweaters, high-end shoes, ripped jeans, classic leather belts, long-sleeve shirts, work pants and all the accessories you cart from your favorite boutique. Given its regular use and the weight it carries, you should always make sure that the design of your wardrobe is appropriate for your demands and expectations. You’ll need to look through the bedroom wardrobe design catalogue for this.

Bedroom wardrobe design catalogue would always suggest that the traditional clothing designs are the ones that most Indian households adhere to. The shutter or door is fastened to the closet with powerful hinges in this type of wardrobe, earning it the name hinged door wardrobe. The major advantage of this wardrobe is that its shutters can swing wide open at a 90-degree angle.

It gives you a complete view of the closet and making it easier to find things. When the shutters are fixed with hooks, it also allows you to hang some slim accessories like sling bags, ties, scarves, and belts on the back of the shutters. You may also place pockets, hangers, racks, and a chest of drawers within this wardrobe, depending on your tastes, to create distinct chambers for your various accessories.

As per Bedroom wardrobe design catalogue, the current cupboard design is the one chosen by the majority of today’s elites. It has sliding doors that move from side to side along metal tracks attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe and are not held in place by hinges. Because their doors swing horizontally, they provide the greatest benefit in terms of space savings by not taking up the space in front of them. Aside from that, this type of wardrobe does not obstruct the room’s traffic flow. As a result, this wardrobe design is ideal for compact and cramped places. It may also serve huge rooms that require a long wardrobe due to its sliding design.

How to choose the perfect wardrobe design for modular bedroom

Bedroom wardrobes are a really important part of your bedroom. It is a place where you store all your clothes, and it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. There are loads of considerations when buying a new wardrobe. Here are few tips that will help you to get the perfect modular wardrobe for your designer bedroom.

  • Find a Bedroom Wardrobe Design catalogue you like and have a look through it

The first thing you need to do is find a bedroom wardrobe design catalogue or a website that has a range of wardrobes on it. Have a good look through the different designs and styles, but don’t be tempted to buy anything from just one site. A lot of companies tend to sell the same furniture anyway, so there’s no point in limiting yourself.

  •  Measure the wardrobe space available

Once you have decided from the wardrobe design catalogue that which type of wardrobe you want. Then you need to measure your bedroom for the right size. It is really important that you get this right because otherwise it will be an absolute waste of money. You also need to know how high up the wall the headboard is going to go and how wide the bed is going to be.

  • Draw up a floor plan for your bedroom with dimensions on it

You then need to draw up a floor plan of your bedroom with the dimensions of all the furniture you want on it. Keep it simple, but make sure that everything is drawn to scale so that it will fit in properly. This way you can see whether things are going to work together or not before you buy anything.

  • Use color schemes and storage ideas to complete the design

Don’t forget to add in a color scheme for your bedroom. This could be a really simple theme like reds and greens, or a more complex one with a whole range of colors going from light to dark. You also need to consider whether you want open storage or closed storage for your wardrobe space. This is a choice you need to make based on how much clothes you have and how often you wear them.

Sliding wardrobe designs Catalogue that adds beauty to your bedroom

Wardrobes with sliding doors are an example of a modern interior feature that will provide a lot of benefit in terms of both storage and design. Because its panels slide on tracks rather than flapping. Sliding wardrobes don’t take that much area to open as swinging doors, giving them great storage options for modest bedrooms, apartments, and passages. Sliding wardrobe doors work in a similar way as classic cupboards, including wooden wardrobes and sliding glass wardrobes. At where people keep everything from clothing and shoes to scarves and handbags to accessories.

Furthermore, the stylistic characteristics of this wardrobe design are literally endless due to the vast choice of materials, textures, and designs that sliding doors are offered in or could be created in. Sliding wardrobes will go perfectly with any bedroom’s style and dazzle in each and every way: from simple opening and smooth running to easy closing. To select an excellent furniture option for your house, check out the sliding wardrobe design ideas below.

  • For a Small Bedroom, a Mini Sliding Door Wardrobe

This one is for you if you have the smallest bedroom in your house, live in a studio apartment, or have a 1BHK with limited square footage. In a room as small as this, a smaller sliding door wardrobe with a dresser that sits over your bed is a godsend. This sliding door wardrobe was specially designed to fill the empty area behind the bed that would otherwise have been utilized to hang paintings or photos. When the doors are closed, the shutters that double as a headboard for this bed are finished with a clean white laminate.

It also includes a combination of shelves and a medium-length area with a hanging rod for your shirts and jackets. Quilts or bed linen can be stored on the top ledge. The colour combination of the doors can be changed to suit your preferences and the style of your bedroom. Isn’t that fantastic?

  • Sliding Wardrobe Design in Rustic Style

This rustic style sliding door wardrobe is perfect for you if you are a traditionalist at heart. This sliding door wardrobe style is one of our favourite because it is low-maintenance. This style blends in well with most urban homes while providing ample storage space for all of your belongings.

The doors feature a rustic finish with a natural wood grain finish. To keep all of your clothes arranged, there are full-length compartments with steel hanging rods on the inside. The bottom drawers have a glass shutter, making it simple to see what you’re wearing every day. The soothing glow from the LED strip lights is the focal point of this wardrobe design.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe in a Modern Style

With an integrated study area, this coffee brown sliding door wardrobe features a glossy laminate finish. This one is for individuals who appreciate elegant yet functional designs. The deep dark tone contrasts with the white background. In addition, this wardrobe offers well-organized interior storage and accessory areas to help you arrange anything that ends up cluttering your bedroom. A ledge tabletop and twin drawers, and an extended bookshelf are included in the study unit. This sliding door wardrobe along with a study is an excellent choice for modern-minded couples who want to keep things orderly.

  • Walk-In Closet with Glass Sliding Doors

Specifically created for those who enjoy all things opulent! Nothing beats glass doors for creating a walk-in closet and concealing it behind shutters if you have space. The main disadvantage of this wardrobe design is that you can’t keep it untidy! Glass doors can make even the smallest area appear more prominent. If you enjoy the notion of glass sliding doors but don’t have the space to build a walk-in closet, you can add glass sliding doors to any wardrobe design. To acquire the look of glass without revealing what’s inside your closet, pick frosted, tinted, colored, or lacquered glass.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe design with Pull-Out Mirror

This lovely pastel-toned glossy sliding wardrobe features a mirror pull-out to free up space for an additional dressing unit. A concealed closet with tiny compartments is built into the mirror pull-out, allowing you to keep all of your cosmetics and styling tools in one spot. With many drawers, compartments, and hanging rods, the wardrobe is created with storage in mind.

  • Dual-Finish Sliding Door Wardrobe

This sleek sliding door wardrobe is built with two finishes – laminate and glass. And is a stylish addition to any bedroom. There are numerous drawers of various sizes and large areas with hanging rods that provide enough storage. In addition, it can be modified in a variety of colour tones to suit your preferences and décor.

There you have it. Sliding door wardrobe designs for your bedroom that will save you space, look sleek and trendy, and make your room look like it came straight out of a magazine or perhaps, Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue!


Modern Indian homes generally include a sliding wardrobe design with a dressing table mirror attached as a cupboard option. This wardrobe design could be put near to the bedside because the metallic rails attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe enable you to slide out this wardrobe design from one side to another. Several home owners might even turn the space around the dressing table into a workspace or mount a tv on the wall above the vanity.

Amazing Wooden Almirah Designs for your Bedroom

Almirah are a mandatory part of big furniture in any room that you absolutely need it . Because they allow you to keep a wide range of items in an efficient and effective way. Even though most people would consider Almirah to be simply essential furniture pieces, they really have a considerable impact on the interiors of their bedroom.

Almirah are a must-have furniture in any bedroom, whether it’s luxurious or basic. For all these factors, you may not neglect on the style and design of your Almirah. Consider wooden Almirah designs for your designer bedroom if you’re looking for a long-lasting investment with a timeless appearance.

A item of wood furniture can be soothing to the sight. Its elegant & modest appearance captures hearts. Whether it’s a wooden sofa set, wooden dining table, or wardrobes, wooden furniture makes a statement for any kind of home, from classic to contemporary..

  • The Use of a Wooden Wardrobes has various Advantages.

    • It adds a touch of nature to the bedroom, as well as richness and beauty, and it appears even better in the light.
    • Its solid construction and elegant finish provide such a one-of-a-kind combination of natural visual appeal and high stability.
    • It is flexible as it’s available in various of textures, patterns, and colours, the most common of which are sheesham, walnut, mango, glossy, and teak.
    • Also it’s weather-resistant, so your clothes and accessories will stay dry.
    • It merges in perfectly with your bedroom’s existing furniture, whether antique or modern.
    • It’s easy to keep clean because any fingerprints, dust, or grime can be wiped away with a light soft cloth. Keep it out of direct sunlight, though, or the wood’s natural polish will fade over time.
  • Amazing variety of wooden Almirah designs 


A wooden Almirah with a mirror can be utilized for multiple purposes. It not only saves area on the surface but also minimizes the need for a separate dressing table. The light bounces from the mirror make the bedroom furnishings appear significantly larger and more open. It is one of the oldest techniques in the interior design manual. It appears to be both elegant and trendy.

    • Built-in Wooden Almirah from Floor to Ceiling

This floor-to-ceiling wooden wall Almirah is built into your bedroom wall and reaches all the way to the ceiling, saving you precious floor space. This wooden Almirah design, includes numerous shelves and suits the furniture and interiors in the bedroom, provides a lot of vertical space and best for those who are looking for small bedroom cupboards designs. In addition, this wooden almirah  appears to be fashionable and stylish.

    • Wooden Almirah Design with Three Doors

This three-door natural-finish hardwood Almirah with hollow space is ideal for people who require extra storage space for their personal things. Although the wooden Almirah designs has a modest appearance, it gives a white-walled bedroom a vintage feel. The bedside dressing table merges in with the wooden almirah and appears to be a single unit. The method for opening the door is easy. It’s as simple as sliding your hand into the loop and pulling it out.

    • Dressing Table Attached To A Wooden Almirah

An attached dressing table is included with this wooden and white laminate Almirah. It makes the bedroom décor a trendy and sophisticated feel. The room’s brown tones complement one another, and the silver-colored lamb’s wool rug adds to the warm and comfortable vibes. Green plants add nature’s charm into your dreamy bedroom areas. This multi-level wooden Almirah with hinged doors has a stunning design. The room’s dense ebony wood finish shines out, while the potted flowers give a splash of vibrant colours. The Almirah stands out against the room’s white walls. Adequate storage space is also offered by the multi-shelf arrangement.

    • Wooden Amirah with Hinge Doors

This multi-level wooden Almirah with hinged doors has a stunning design. The room’s dense ebony wood finish shines out, while the potted flowers give a splash of vibrant colours. The Almirah stands out against the room’s white walls. Adequate storage space is also offered by the multi-shelf arrangement.

    • Almirah Design by Sumnica

Wooden Almirah designs with Sunmica are one of the best. Two color Sunmica design for wardrobe is commonly recognized as the most common material. It can, however, transform the overall appearance of your wardrobe design when used effectively. Furthermore, your room’s environment can be boosted by the aesthetic theme.

    • Sliding Door Wooden Almirah

The sliding wooden Almirah is an excellent pick for a children’s room. Because the doors open inwards rather than outwards, it’s somewhat simple to operate. This indicates that it won’t interfere with some other functions, making it safe and reducing the risk of collision or injury. It gives the kid’s room a simple but attractive impression. It blends in nicely with the room’s décor and the geometric patterned carpet on the floor.

Important Factors to Consider When searching for a Home Cabinet 

With so many of us working from home it is important to make our homes comfortable, attractive, inviting and cozy.

For those who work from home, the home office is a complete necessity to get things done. After a long day at work, you have plenty of opportunities to have fun in the comfort of your own home. When you find your introductory cabinetwork and accessories, an accent piece of cabinetwork will add style and color sparkle to give your home a unique look.

Whether you have a large area to set up your home office, or really have some space in your basement area or great room, there is the perfect cabinetwork for home services to fit your space. From small computers to home office set-ups to matching bookcases, shelves with shelves, and train cabinets, it’s important that you get high-quality cabinets from your home cabinet stores.

To stay up to date with the latest interior design trends, it’s important to replace affordable cabinetwork. Numerous brands and retailers are offering affordable and fast details to help you make your interior design requests a reality. However, you need to be afraid of what to look for if you are looking for ultra-modern cabinets with satin lines and simple designs.

  • Keep in mind the quality of furniture

Furniture is a purchase, which is why it is important to understand how to fit standard cabinetwork. So that you can get the most out of every cent you spend. From styling to materials and construction systems, knowing which brands are of stylish quality is an essential aspect of making sure you are buying the right cabinetwork.

      • The highest quality furniture is made from the most expensive items. In general, it is. But a table made of durable wood cannot be cured. Furniture is a symbol of quality. Still, don’t base your beliefs entirely on this fact.
      • Standard pieces will be free of planets, in fact on shells that are not exposed. The knots are breaking. Because of this, pinewood is not so desirable. Poor quality furniture is usually made of small plywood, fiber board, particle board or press board.
      • When it comes to wood cabinets, this is a good way to determine the quality of construction. High quality cabinetwork piece wood should be resistant to abrasion. However if it is scratched fluently, the cabinetwork will not solve the problem of daily use. To test this, draw a line on an exposed spot using your cutlet to see if it causes severe dentures.
      • Proper cabinet work can enhance the look of your home in a variety of situations. It can enhance the overall look and feel of your interior. The stylish part is that not every room has to be limited to a certain type of cabinetwork. Each room has a different taste and appearance.
      • A combination of natural clothing may be popular this time around. Combining two natural objects can create an interesting change in texture and design, and it is in fashion right now. Strange cabinet work is returning to fashion, and many people are looking to Providence and antique shops to find a piece to decorate their homes.
  • Online Home Furniture Store

Furniture and cabinetwork retailers of any size have gradually lost the presence of slip-ups and mortars with the advent of internet shopping and increased share of application through storehouse price clubs.

The decade began with the so-called “retail apocalypse”, each time with a sharp decline in store fires. The epidemic has led to an increase in cabinet work deals and online shopping. Many experts predict that the inclusion of online deals and signs that stores are retaining results in the retail sector is slowing.

Seeing all these effects, a large number of people are moving towards online shopping and the e-commerce business is growing day by day. So, shop at home cabinet work stores that have a stylish combination of standard cabinet work and scenes.


Sliding Wardrobe Design has a distinctive and attractive method of displaying their wares. If you’re looking for fresh outfit ideas, you should glance over their catalogue! This will persuade the reader to place an order for a viewing of the sliding door wardrobe designs. The sliding door wardrobes information in the Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue lists all of such products. This is a terrific site to look for bedroom wardrobe designs that you like. Throughout, you’ll find the most recent trends and new arrivals. Our interior designers have designed a magnificent collection of styles that will complement any house and lifestyle, with options to suit all budgets. All this you can explore in the Bedroom Wardrobe Design Catalogue.

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