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Designing a Modular Kitchen in Patiala

The demand for modular kitchen in Patiala and all across the country is set to grow in upcoming years too, according to market experts. People from everywhere are using this kitchen layout in their adobes. Indian households are using modular kitchens as compared to traditional Indian kitchen design. It would be difficult to find out the reason for their choice but includes factors like the sleek design, consumption of less space and optimum efficiency. A modular kitchen can be installed with ease whether you are building a new home or renovating your old house.

The modular kitchen in Patiala or any other locality is manufactured in a factory. According to customer preferences, modules or components are transported to the premises and assembled by a team of experts. It is important to choose the best layout for your home if you have decided to install a modular kitchen in your home. You have to set a feasible budget limit and list down your requirement in a detailed manner. There are lots of options available when it comes to selecting a modular kitchen such as material types, kitchen tops, handles, units and accessories.

  • Material type and quality: Always buy superior quality materials for your modular kitchen. You should check that material you have chosen is water-resistant and can withstand with time. If you wish to create a bright and decorative kitchen or do you like a simple and sleek cooking space? Make the choice accurately according to your preferences. The most wanted after material choices are Pre-Laminated MDF, Pre-Laminated particle board or Boling waterproof (BWP), plywood with lamination.
  • Size and shape of kitchen: Shape and size of kitchen play an important role in designing. It helps in utilizing the space to the optimum. You need to choose the layout that is best suited according to size and shape. Popular modular kitchen layout includes L-shaped modular kitchen, straight modular kitchen design, parallel island and peninsular modular kitchen design. Opt for an island design if you wish to go for an open style kitchen space. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully if you wish to go for an open style kitchen space.
  • Appliances and accessories: You need to choose the best appliances and accessories to reap the major perks of having a modular kitchen in Patiala. The sink, stove and refrigerator are some of the standard appliances in a kitchen. One should buy dual-purpose kitchen appliances so that it saves space and also increases the efficiency overall. Kitchen height, colour and all other attributes should be taken into consideration while choosing appliances and units for your kitchenette.

Tips Enhancing a Modular Kitchen Design

  • Textured Ceiling: While designing a modular space many people forget to give the ceiling the due respect that it deserves. The ceiling is the part of the room that needs to be given more preferences than you would normally do. To add finesse to the overall visual appeal, go for a false ceiling with a lacquered or polished texture. To make your kitchen design look fabulous a good use of lights and chandeliers can also help.
  • Electric Cook-top: Electric cook-top is a great way by which you can save space adding a classy touch to your modular kitchen design. This will make your kitchen look sleek and suave as the cook-top makes a statement where ever it goes. Metallic or jet black colour can be taken so that it blends beautifully with surroundings.
  • Pots Shelf: Pots shelf can be used to make more space for your pots and pans making the space look neat. A hanging pot rack can be used as it will save the extra space you will spend to build an extra cabinet to store all your favourite pots and pans.
  • Kitchen Island: Kitchen Island is important in any modular design as it enhances the look as well as functionality. The top of the island can be utilized to place your crockery, fruit basket and other kitchen essentials while the base can be turned into hidden storage for pantry items, table decorations, champagne and wine bottles and much more. It is an essential part of the kitchen as it makes the place look modern and stylish effortlessly.

Over the years a modular kitchen in Patiala has become a part of our lives. Various new appliances and kitchen fixtures have come up to aid the modern lifestyles with amazing technological advancements in the kitchen space. You might need some inspiration to enhance the visual appeal of your modular design. The above-given ideas and inspirations might help you to set up a whole new kitchen. To revamp your modular design you can try out the above-given inspirations. This is the reason that you have to discuss your vision as well as requirements with your home decorator before beginning any work. Thus this will give you a better idea on paper about how your kitchen will look on completion of the design work. Suntech Interiors offers a variety of models that allow you to choose the one that most closely matches your taste. We could also tailor these modular kitchens to our customers’ precise needs in order to satisfy our respected clients’ special preferences. We are a Panchkula-based company that provides modular kitchen services in Kharar, Shimla, Solan, Paonta Sahib, Kullu, and Chamba.