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Complete Guide to Get the Perfect Kitchen Sink Design in 2024

Kitchen sink design

Your kitchen is an essential part of your house, but maintaining it neat and clean is just not so simple. A kitchen sink is a mandatory requirement with increasingly attractive aesthetic aspects. We often neglect its appearance. Every kitchen requires a basin of some kind. It provides a secure place to work with water in a contained area even as avoiding splashing or liquid leakage. The sink is a necessary component of the modular kitchen because it serves a variety of purposes, including cleaning food, cutlery, and crockery, along with organizing and storing meals for defrosting, cooling, drying, and cooking. It is necessary that dishwasher is made of a long-lasting material that can tolerate high heat and scratches.

The fantastic kitchen sink designs & ideas below might serve as inspiration for your upcoming kitchen update, remodel, or new home kitchen design.

Materials used for Designs of Kitchen Sink

1. Stainless steel Kitchen Sink

If it concerns house owners’ preferences, stainless steel (SS) sinks are the most common because of their subtle design, sturdiness, & simplicity of wiping. Stainless steel is quasi, hygienic, & resistant to corrosion. It also doesn’t flake, shatter, or wear out. Steel sinks are also reasonably priced, adaptable, and may be fitted in many ways, including top mount, under mount, etc. Most kitchen utensils are stainless, so a high-quality SS sink has a long lifespan and complements the kitchen’s aesthetic.

2. Copper & gold sinks

Designs of modular kitchen sink made of copper & gold material are quasi and enhance visual appeal. Though, such kitchen sinks are pricey and require regular refining to keep their brilliance & appearance.

3. Marble or Natural stone kitchen sink

Marble, granite, dolomite, and natural stone kitchen sinks are hefty, have a sturdy edge, and have high acoustics. To avoid water leaking, the kitchen cabinet underneath needs to be robust & regularly sealed on the sides.

4. Acrylic kitchen sink

The edge of an acrylic kitchen sink is flat, quasi, and stain-resistant. Although it is compact & simple to clean, steel is more heat resistant & robust.

5. Wooden Kitchen sink

For the design of a kitchen sink, wood could be a costly and high maintaining material. A waterproof layer, though, can be used to create a wooden sink. An appealing wooden sink can give the area a natural feel.

6. Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Another material used to design kitchen sink models is porcelain. This material has a long history of use and is scratch-resistant and simple to upkeep.

Modular designs of Kitchen sink

kitchen sink design

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Sink design

A sophisticated & contemporary enhancement is given to the farmhouse kitchen sink’s conventional appeal. This sleek interpretation of the farmhouse kitchen sink is constructed of charcoal grey stainless steel. This kitchen sink design is also known as the ‘apron sink.’ It is smooth and blends beautifully with both traditional and contemporary kitchen decor.

2. Kitchen sink design with a single bowl

Because of its size, big things like kadais, frying pans, & other huge appliances may all be washed in the single-basin sink. Huge families & bustling kitchens benefit from single kitchen sink designs. Single basin sinks are also simpler to wipe since they eliminate sharp corners.

3. Incorporating concealed chambers

This kitchen sink design allows you to organize your area, mainly if your kitchen is small. This will give you individual storage areas for dishwashing cloths and detergent. You can put everything out of sight for a clean view in your kitchen.

4. Under-mount Kitchen sink design

Under-mount sinks are installed underneath the tabletop. This sink’s rim is hidden because it is linked to the surface’s underside, but it has an edge. It unifies the appearance of the area around the basin and also facilitates clearing trash from the countertop more easily. Because they can support a sink load and its components, smooth surface worktops like quartz, marble, concrete, etc., are the only ones that can be utilized with an under-mount kitchen sink design.

5. Drainage and strainer for kitchen sink

These kitchen sink accessories simplify & manage cooking as well as other household tasks. Cleaning many things becomes quicker and simpler with the use of stealers, shelves, & strainers that fit over the basin. If not used, these can also be preserved.

6. Dual bowl Kitchen sink design

Rectangular double-bowl sinks have two side-by-side basins. This design of kitchen sink features a modern and durable sink with a high level of functionality and versatility.. The divided bowls may be of the same size or various sizes. Rinsing & drying can both be done in the other bowl. Sinks with two bowls often occupy more room than sinks with one bowl. For bigger kitchens, a double-bowl kitchen wash basin is suggested.

7. Kitchen Sinks with Drain boards

A device connected to one side of the sink flows into another basin in drainboard sinks. When you place your wet utensils in this container, the excess liquid drains right inside the basin. This kind of sink has grown highly popular. Because it enables drying utensils straightforward plus eliminates the problem of where to place wet utensils.

8. Kitchen-sink strainer

Isn’t it awful when you’re washing the utensils and small bits of uneaten food get stuck in your faucet? And that’s why a sink strainer is worthwhile. A sink strainer, like the term suggests, a strainer that you may use to wash dishes, vegetables, and other objects in your basin. Any little shards will become trapped in the strainer and be easy to remove afterwards.

Factors to consider while selecting a modern kitchen sink design

If there was such an award for the most task area, it would be the kitchen sink area. After being the major center, householders usually neglect that how inefficient basins & faucets could reduce overall efficiency of the area. Therefore, kitchen basins must not again be the neglected area of the kitchen that they usually are.

Because a faucet is really not something you would just throw away. One of the most significant choices you need to make during your refurbishment process is which one to use. In a nutshell, the factors to consider while selecting a sink design for kitchen are as follows.

Modern kitchen sink Design

1. Make a decision focused on the dishwasher’s layout.

  • A sink is far more than a basin; it may available in a variety of forms and sizes, each of which is best suited for a specific kind of multitasking.
  • One of the most prominent basin styles is a single bowl basin. As they are able to accommodate a big number of huge utensils at the same time. This type of basin is suitable for almost all house.
  • The dishwasher features two offset-style basins, one large and the other small, letting you to cook and clean simultaneously. Both are perfect for kitchens that have little counter space.
  • Finally, the dishwasher offers quarter basins that can hold a variety of cooking utensils while taking up less space.

2. Select Your Favorite Shape

Whether you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new crystal basin, but shape of the faucet is still crucial. Numerous individuals assume that curved-corner sinks are easier to clean since filth and waste do not collect around the edges. Modern basins kill two birds with one stone by having flat topped corners and curved lower ends. This faucet will look wonderful in any kitchen.

3. Focusing on the right quality

  • Throughout the sink market, stainless steel has been the most favored material. It’s extremely hard, and impossible to break.
  • If your faucets are leaking water, water spots may appear, but this will not resist you from using the sink.
  • Stoneware faucets are most appropriate for historical or cottage kitchens. So, keep an eye out for cutting. Limestone’s are also an amazing buy, but maintaining them could be pricey and time- consuming  in the long term.

4. Add some useful taps to the mix

Knobs could seems to be a basic fashion trend. They may, either, assist or obstruct your perspective. If you keep the two-kitchen sink design, an extended nozzle or showerhead  can help clear out the sink’s far ends and load big containers.

Sink design for kitchen

5. Maintain a consistent altitude.

The sink and worktop are the only features of a specialized layout that are being recognized. The height of the counter tops.  On the other hand, the length of the worktops may vary based on the tallness of the person who uses the kitchen. Between your shoulder level and the worktop, there must be around a 16cm space. Also, the basin and worktops in this kitchen are about the equal level.

6. The Dimensions of a Kitchen Sink.

When choosing the dimensions of your kitchen sink, you need to consider many factors. The normal sink dimension is 23” x 31” in most cases. Mono sinks are typically 34 inches wide, whereas double-basin sinks are 46 inches broad. Another factor to look about is the depth of the basin. The depths of the sinks range from 12 to 18 inches. Choose a sink with a deeper depth if you have a lifestyle of accumulating dishes in the sink.

Modern Kitchen Sink Design Prices

The price of the kitchen sink designs is influenced by so many criteria, including the type of product used and the dimensions of the basin. Stainless steel and crystal are the most commonly applied metals. Final pricing will be determined by the dimensions and style of the item.

Kitchen sink design


Consider your cooking routines, cleaning requirements, counter space, style, and budget before making a final decision on a modern kitchen sink design. These important aspects will assist you in determining which sink is ideal for you and your lifestyle.

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