Modular Wardrobe in Chandigarh

Modular Wardrobes

Suntech Interiors is engaged in offering Modular Wardrobes in Chandigarh. This modular wardrobe system is designed for better and effective organization of your clothes, shoes, accessories. Our team consists of young and energetic designers who are design-oriented and have in-depth knowledge about the latest trends.

A complete wardrobe solution will add value to your contemporary homestead, for this is where Suntech Interiors comes into the picture. Our state of the art modular kitchen designs and wardrobe designs are an excellent blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Whether you are setting up a new house or adding to the existing one, we deliver quality products at very reasonable price tags. Visit us at Suntech Interiors Chandigarh and witness how we create a style for your home.

Your wardrobe is the heart of your home. With Suntech Interiors’ modular wardrobe, you can get the perfect solution for all clothes storage requirements. Our designers offer a wealth of expertise to provide you with the best wardrobe storage solutions. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing the best in class Modular Wardrobe Design in Chandigarh.


Ruchi Sharma

I was impressed with the collection that Suntech Interiors have of wardrobe designs. The detailed product information given for each wardrobe ensured I got the best value for money product. I would recommend others to visit Suntech Interior’s Showroom in Chandigarh while thinking of a Modular Wardrobe in the future.

Abhay Panwar

I was required to have all the belongings at my home in Chandigarh. Thanks a lot, team, for fulfilling my wish for a designer wardrobe. It is spacious and has an incredibly modern look that suits the aesthetics of my room completely. Even the finishing has been done with great care. Keep up with the good work, team!

Kanchan Pathak

Having designed your wardrobes with Suntech Interiors has been an absolute pleasure. The way they handle their customers is the best part about them. The Walk-In Wardrobe design was a delight. I rate Suntech Interiors as my #1 Wardrobe Designer in Chandigarh.



Are you tired of paying for poorly built wardrobes? We are proud to bring you the latest designs from our skilled in-house designer, Suntech Interiors. Our interiors will always be at your service, giving you value for money in your wardrobes. Our services matches US in facilities and Chandigarh in pricing.


While many wardrobe designers in the market may show you the same designs, Our team is pre-planning good wardrobes for all home storage. Suntech Interiors professional wardrobe designers take pride in creating entire cabinets designed according to your lifestyle and personality.


With several high-quality wardrobe installation services available to you, which can be best? Custom closet organizers and storage systems can run hundreds of dollars. Please leave it to us at Suntech Interiors. With the Suntech Interiors Easy and Convenient Installation, you will have everything you need, and we’ll provide you with the quickest and most convenient one for your wardrobes.


Rapidly turning your dreams into reality, Suntech Interiors provide a vast range of metal wardrobes in all sizes and styles. Choose from the popular designs to create an ideal space equipped with robust and reliable Assured Quality Material for long life and easy maintenance. Do pay a visit to our Showroom based in Chandigarh. We welcome Window Shoppers too.