Modular Kitchen in Mohali

Modular Kitchen

Let your heart rule your mind as you spend some time checking out various modular kitchens in Mohali. Gift your home a beautiful Modular Kitchen with Suntech Interiors, one of the oldest kitchen suppliers in Mohali.

In a town like Mohali, where quality is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of kitchens, Suntech Interiors aims to change the game. Our specialized Kitchen Designers focus on quality and best practices rather than cutting corners to save money. We have a host of options when it comes to ensuring your kitchen is as functional as possible and as eye-catching as you’d like.

Suntech Interiors is one of the leading Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Mohali. Our team gives priority to customer needs and offers equally good service to all customers. Placing their products at the forefront, focusing on trends, design aesthetic and a sense of functionality Suntech Interiors aims to build enduring relationships through a mixture of quality, service and integrity.


Megha Shukla

We are glad and happy with Suntech Interiors’ outstanding work in Mohali. I love the transformation of my kitchen into a beautiful piece of art. Their team was very professional and hassle-free. Now I have a very comfortable and neat kitchen which I am proud of. Thanks to Suntech Interiors

Ashruti Jain

We chose Suntech Interior as recommended by a friend in Mohali. We were able to make progress with our new kitchen. But thanks to the Suntech team our modular kitchen has now become the best part of our dream home. I would gladly recommend Suntech Interiors to everyone.

Khyati Bhadoriya

We checked out three other manufacturers in Mohali before being referred to Suntech Interior by a friend. We were impressed right from the beginning since we had met them. It took just 20 minutes to decide on selecting Suntech Interior after discussing with the team. We are glad the team has come up with what we had in mind for our modular kitchen.



Quality and intelligent storage for your home – that’s what Suntech Interiors is all about. We work hard to bring you the most incredible variety of kitchen cabinets and innovative designs, all at great prices. We are experts at utilizing spaces to design Modular Kitchens in Mohali.


New Suntech Interiors Ample Ventilation system allows optimal airflow through the Unit. This feature is made possible by twin side vents that allow air to circulate throughout the Unit freely. It’s a big plus for people who love to ‘Spice up’ their kitchen defining the true meaning of Modular Kitchens.


Suntech Interiors is experienced in designing customized kitchens that are highly functional, easy to maintain and beautiful. We provide modular kitchens for modern living. Just give us your budget, space requirements, and Suntech team will take care of everything else from design to installation.


Suntech Interiors is known for offering top-notch quality at best prices. Whether your budget is large or small, our team will provide your kitchen with excellent value for money. You can build your dream kitchen with our wide range of quality modular kitchens at affordable prices.