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Deciding what kind of material used for your modular kitchen cabinets design

Kitchen Cabinets Design

Have you lately had a modular kitchen installed in your home? Are you planning to redecorate your modular kitchen or want to add some extra storage space to make sure your modular kitchen not only accommodates all of your kitchen necessities but also proffers you with some extra storage space that you can fill up as you see fit? Here are all the details about materials that used for kitchen cabinets design which makes the appearance of the kitchen more aesthetic and beautiful.

Kitchen is an important part of the house since it is used a lot either for cooking delicacies or for eating meals as a family. The trend of modular kitchens are gaining a lot of popularity due to its very advantages over the traditional kitchen. The installation, as well as the finishing of the kitchen cabinetry, tends to contribute significantly when it comes to the overall aspect and look of the room.

Extremely important question while you make or redo your modular kitchen design  is that which kitchen cabinet material suits best ? It’s crucial to any kitchen since it gives up to half of the structural support as well as determines how long it’ll last. Choose the best material for your kitchen cabinets design, then you won’t have to go through it again for a long period of time.

Based on research it seems India is one of the very few countries where the public is demanding high quality finishes. Typically, people opt for prices and simplicity rather than quality and longevity however it seems this trend is changing.

There are multiple choices of materials which can be used for kitchen cabinetry, some of which are expensive whereas others are affordable. But some are long-lasting and durable whereas some others do not come with any guarantee.

Various options  Available for  Kitchen cabinet materials:

1. Wood:

This has been one of the commonly used material for kitchen cabinets. The main reason being, it is non-toxic, renewable resource and natural. Once wooden cabinets are installed, they can be either stained or varnished in the shade you desire. It brings along a natural texture thereby giving the kitchen a calm and perfect look.

2. Laminate:

Those who are looking out for cheaper kitchen cabinet material options then laminates for kitchen cabinets are the best choice. Most of the owners prefer using laminate over natural wood material. The reason being they are resistant to any kind of damage, within the budget. There are multiple laminate design options you can select from.

3. Poly-Vinyl Chloride sheets:

Basically these sheets are made from the plastic composite hence they are termed to very strong and durable. They are oil-proof as well as water-proof thus making it one of the popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. These sheets are available in light shades and some of them also come in the faux-wooden finishing.

4. Metal:

Another material which is also used for modular kitchen cabinetry is aluminum and stainless steel. For professional kitchens, stainless steel is the preferred option since it is very much easy to clean as well as maintain. Stainless steel, when compared with aluminium, is pretty much strong as well as durable. They are available in multiple finishing and decorative patterns. They do not get affected by humidity and heat unlike the other types of material.

5. Wood Veneers:

Very much similar to the laminates, the wood veneers are basically made from the thin sheets of wood which are then pasted on the substrate for example MDF. These are sustainable material and are very much economical when compared with natural real wood.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials That Dominate Today’s Kitchen:


When it comes to choosing new kitchen cabinets for your home’s kitchen remodel, you’ll have a lot of options. You must first select if you want to refinish, resurface, or replace your cabinets, and then you must choose which kitchen cabinet materials to employ.

The majority of kitchen cabinets design are composed of wood or wood-based materials. Hardwood, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, and wood veneer are among the most popular of these materials. Hardwood is unquestionably one of the most popular cabinet materials, having been used for decades — since the invention of cabinets.

Other popular kitchen cabinet materials are plywood, which has a number of advantages. It is made by laminating tiny layers of wood on top of each other in alternating angles using a combination of glue, heat, and pressure. Particleboard is another common cabinet material that is frequently mentioned in comparison to plywood. “An engineered wood product manufactured by pressing together recycled wood materials such as wood chips and sawmill shavings and shaping them into sheets,” according to particleboard, also known as low-density fiberboard (LDF) or chipboard.

To give it a more aesthetically acceptable surface, particleboard is sealed with laminate or a wood veneer. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a wonderful alternative for doors and drawers if you want a grade that falls in between plywood and particleboard. MDF is stronger than particleboard because it is constructed of smaller fibres. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a composite material manufactured from recycled fibres, resin, and wax, all of which are pressed together and sealed in a high-pressure system. It’s most well-known for its use in standard IKEA cabinets.

Wood veneer, which is a very thin covering of solid hardwood stripped from a log, is another alternative for kitchen cabinet materials. This sort of material has many of the same advantages as hardwood, but because it is used in much lower quantities, it has certain unique characteristics to consider.

What kind of wood do I use For my Indian kitchen cabinets design?

1. To keep your kitchen more secure, use Plywood. If you really want a thing that will last a long time, go with this option.

When it comes to Indian kitchens, One thing to consider is which type of wood is best for kitchen cabinets design. Plywood is indeed the best choice because of its lightweight & durability. The gluing process utilized here gives wood a smooth texture and improves its resistance from insects and water.


  • Cabinet doors in India need to handle a variety of climates. Plywood which is lower sensitive to humidity or moisture is a good choice for any kitchen because it can resist the stresses and strains of everyday life in India.
  • For long-term endurance, concrete can resist shrinking, tearing, and deformation. Concrete is available in a wide range of patterns and styles, as well as it is quite easy to install.
  • India is known for its low-cost, elevated cabinets wood. The price per Sq. feet begins at ₹ 105. A Sq. foot of industrial plywood might set you back around ₹ 100.
  • Melamine is not only lighter than some other boards, but it is also sturdier and does not crack, like mirrored glass. As an outcome, it’s an excellent option for cabinetry on both the floor and on the ceiling.


  • Though this is less expensive in comparison to solid wood, but this is significantly more expensive than MDF. The consistency of quality of veneer cabinets, on the other hand, justifies the extra price, as they need minimal upkeep to look fresh for decades.
  • As it’s pricey, an embellished layout using plywood cabinet doors may not be the best option.
  • Plywood with an overlay or lamination covering, or MDF with layers, is the two best options for cabinet doors. This is the process of applying single layer of high-quality woods to a material in order to make it more durable and appealing.

2. You can go forHigh-density fibreboard (HDF) and Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), if you have a tight budget.


Both MDF & HDF are artificial wood materials, however MDF has a better material quality. Artificial woods can be made using high amount of pressure, heat, and adhesive; however, the adhesive and type of wood release tighter bonds than others, resulting in a shinier and firmer surface – ideal for kitchen cabinets design.

MDF is the ideal choice for kitchen cabinets design, according to many designers. Experts suggest using these for cabinets.


  • MDF or HDF is the most frequently used wood for modular kitchen design in India. MDF is a wood-polyurethane composite that also contains wax additives and powdered mineral pigments, which work to protect a surface from scratches and water damage in addition to smoothing out cabinet surfaces before painting.
  • If you have less budget, you can go with HDF pieces for around 20% less per square foot Make a rational decision regarding which plywood to use, as MDF is less expensive than plywood.
  • Bamboo and melamine are both eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives for kitchen cabinets design. Because it does not off-gas, bamboo is formed from discarded wood pieces, and melamine can be lot safer alternative to outdated particle board or MDF.


  • Because they are formed of microscopic grains and particles, they do not hold fasteners well.
  • Because they’re thicker (rather than solid and durable) than plywood, they’re more difficult to manage.
  • They aren’t really water proof, making them inappropriate for areas close the basin.

3. Looking for durability? Take advantage using solid Wood Cabinets Material.

Solid wood is no longer popular, but it works well in any kitchen. Consider solid wood cabinets if you want low-maintenance woodwork. The only disadvantage seems to be that you must keep an eye on this as dirt and blemishes can easily plug it. Having said that, In India, wood is a preferred material for kitchens. It is powerful, long-lasting, and unbreakable.


  • Solid wood offers the finest textures, patterns, and also rich colours.
  • You didn’t care about spills or stains because plywood is easily maintained on a daily schedule. Simply sweeping with a rag will enough! To sustain the wood’s glossy shine, you’ll have to get it polished on a constant basis.
  • Wood is a durable and long-lasting materials which will endure several years, but not a lifetime.


  • Bed bugs, and likely other insects, are fond of woods in the same way that we are. As a result, it’s crucial to manage the timber ahead of time.
  • Water and dampness can wreak havoc on the material’s foundation over the period.
  • Solid wood is way more pricey than plywood because it is not man-made and is hard to obtain, costing between ₹ 800 & ₹ 2,500 per cubic foot. Polishing is also an expensive process, as discussed previously.

Why to go for Laminate as the ideal option for kitchen cabinet?


Laminates are termed to be one of the best choice for those looking out for cheaper options in the material of kitchen cabinets. They are turning out to be the preferred option when compared with natural wood. As they are easy on the budget and also resistant to any kind of damage or infestation. They are made from the thin sheets of plastic resin and plastic which are joined together hence they are very much hardy.

Most of the times laminates are pasted on the base layer of some strong material for example Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). There are multiple design options you can select from based on the design or décor of the house. You can coordinate the design and style of the kitchen cabinets with that of the house.

With our range of laminated modular kitchen cabinets, you can customize your modular kitchen to your liking without having to knock it down to add more storage space. Our kitchen cabinets are laminated using modern lamination procedures, ensuring that they are both durable and sturdy. We make our own laminates for kitchen cabinets in two steps. The cabinets are first made with low-pressure laminate connected. Then they are fortified further in the second stage of production with the addition of substrate boards with high-pressure laminate. At the end of the procedure, a finishing touch is applied to make the cabinet and laminations robust and attractive.

The numerous resistant characteristics of laminated cabinets are well-known. The kitchen is prone to both heat and stains. Therefore, laminate cabinets are the ideal option if you want to heat and stain resistance. Because the laminates for kitchen cabinets’ surface finish is glossy and waxy, it is straightforward to wipe away stains from the surface. The cabinets’ lamination also provides scratch resistance, and their unique ability to fit into any dimension makes them the ideal choice for you.

Laminates are also referred to as the Sunmica design sheets and they are available in wide variety of finishes which also includes glossy and matte finishing. You can also carry out digital printing on their surfaces so that it would give you a unique kind of look for the kitchen.

Let us have a look at the key advantages of laminates for kitchen cabinets:


1. Fit in each kind of style:

Having a personal style is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right kind of cabinets. Laminate kitchen cabinets are available in different style and colour. There are also the ones which imitate the natural wooden feel.

2. Easy in terms of maintenance:

Any kind of splashes dirt and grease can be wiped off quickly in case of laminated kitchen cabinets. The color of the cabinets would not fade away hence there would not be a need for refacing them.

3. Durable and sturdy:

One of the biggest advantages of laminate kitchen cabinets is that they are very much durable. The laminated kitchen cabinets are resistant to any kind of changes in the moisture. You would not find them getting cracked or warped from the steam present in the modular kitchen.

4. Customization:

You can also customize them based on you personal décor style so that it is built specifically as per the need of your house and kitchen. Let renovating the kitchen be a much better experience when you choose the right kind of materials. Even though laminate may have got its bad reputation in certain ways but do not shy away from choosing laminates as one of the ideal options for kitchen cabinetry.

You may find it difficult to choose the best colour and finishing of kitchen laminate but it is at the same time exciting as well as challenging experience. After all, what matters is that the cabinets should look fresh and sleek at the same time. You can go in for either matte finish, glossy finish, textured laminate, metal finish laminate or solid color laminate.

It is your choice hence carry out a proper research before you settle for one. After all it is about making the kitchen look good and maintenance free at the same time. There are antibacterial laminates also available which checks the growth of bacteria and germs on the surface of the kitchen.

How to Select The Right Modular Kitchen Laminates ?


Modular kitchen laminates are one of the most extensively used ornamental materials for elevating the finish of an interior. They are available in a wide range of designs and varieties. The versatility of how you may use Modular kitchen laminates in your interior design, whether it’s on the walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture and cabinets, the exterior of your home, and so on, is one of the benefits of using it.

Laminates are a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Beautiful laminates can be incorporated into anything from modular kitchen designs to living room interior design. Please continue reading to learn more about laminates and how to integrate them into your house. Laminate flooring is a terrific choice because it closely resembles the natural materials you choose, such as wood, and it is also an environmentally responsible option. Laminates come in a wide range of styles and colors, making it easy to update your flooring and the rest of your room.

Decorative Modular kitchen laminates, such as wood grain laminate, is a popular choice since it closely resembles plywood. Textured finish laminates are available in various designs, including marble, limestone, and many others. Laminated flooring is not only attractive to the eye, but it is also a cost-effective and long-lasting addition to your home. The most excellent approach to give your home a deluxe makeover is to use laminated wall panels. You will never get tired of various options and sorts and designs available. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from textured wall laminates to matte finish laminates for your walls. Laminates also provide a more refined finish and a more modern appearance to furniture such as chairs and table tops.

Choosing the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets Design in India:


To commence in, HDF and MDF are mainly grainy boards that have been modified.  On the other hand, ordinary wood never seem to be best kitchen cabinet material as it can’t handle a heavy load and aren’t water proof. As an outcome, they make great home furnishings, doorways, and cabinets.

When it comes to modular kitchen cabinets design, we in India are amidst a revolution as new trendsetters demand materials that meet GRIHA and LEED rating system. Owing to this, many top-class kitchen furniture stores and luxury villas and restaurants in India have now fitted their kitchens with affordable teak wood in place of other less renewable bamboo and MDF.

Few Extra Tips:

Any home’s heart is the kitchen. A modern kitchen requires a lot of ingenuity to design or re-decorate. Eliminating clutter, generating extra working space, allowing for adequate lighting. Especially if you have a tiny kitchen, and ensuring that you have attractive surfacing and worktops suited for the purpose are some of the most typical challenges around which to design your kitchen. Laminate surfacing is one material that you can rely on when building a kitchen. They come in various varieties for various applications, ranging from laminates for kitchen cabinets to laminates for countertops.

The aesthetic of your kitchen can be transformed entirely by refinishing your old cabinets. Using textured laminate sheets for cabinets, make minor changes to kitchen drawers and cabinets. laminates for kitchen cabinets might help to revitalize the look of your kitchen. Choose from various colour tones and types to bring out the desired style and compliment the overall decor theme. Insufficient illumination makes a kitchen appear small and drab, making it difficult to operate efficiently and safely. To make your kitchen appear luxurious and more prominent, consider changing the colour of your kitchen furniture and walls to a brighter tone. Consider using under-cabinet lights to highlight your cabinets while also brightening work areas like countertops.

Make a replacement of old light bulbs with newer, more energy-efficient models. Consider utilizing bright HPL laminates that may reflect light to create a reflecting backsplash. A lot can be done in the context of bestowing your kitchen with a fantastic makeover, from upgrading the lighting to adding more storage space. Laminates for kitchen cabinets, HD laminate for kitchens, and HPL laminate for kitchens are durable and timeless options that improve the looks of your kitchen and provide the best value for money.

Hope this guide would help you in finalizing the right material for your modular kitchen. Contact us for the highest quality materials  for kitchen cabinets design.

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