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Designer Bedrooms

Dark and serene feel, or a Light-filled, Airy, OR Playful one – it’s up to you.

What comes to your mind when you imagine your Dream Home or beautiful Bedroom interior designs? Let’s assume – A Picturesque Balcony, Lush green Garden, Lively Drawing, Modular Kitchen and a Designer Bedrooms. At Suntech we make things possible. Suntech Interiors escort a large vary of bedrooms that are designed to reflect your taste and lifestyle. We have a wide range of Bedroom Interior Designs that match your style from casual to contemporary, which gives you a choice to select your style of bedroom, whether it’s a dark and serene feel, or a light-filled, airy, and playful one – it’s up to you. Coloring your bedroom or any room in your home can be cumbersome and intimidating, especially if you have to live with the color for a while. Our bedroom decor will help you create a space that is just right for you.


Your bedroom should be the retreat where you recharge your batteries; a place of calm and comfort. Our bedrooms combine the finest quality materials with minimalist design to achieve a space that’s elegant, yet uncluttered. Minimalist bedrooms are often more open and airy, as they feature no jumble to distract from the room’s basic elements. Choose from a range of styles, including light wood finishes. Minimalist bedrooms often also feature neutral color palettes for an overall serene look throughout, whether or not neutrals are used in every last aspect of the room decor.


Drawing inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and featuring clean lines, this trend is in high demand with interior designers as it blends well with both modern and contemporary styles. This design offers the lounge-like feel with subtle pops of color and textures reminiscent of an abstract painting. Featuring striking exposed iron frames and rope suspensions. The best part about using this style in your home is that it can create some rather large open spaces, which are always popular these days. Ideal for a cool retro touch in the shabby chic or mid-century modern bedroom.


4 poster bedrooms have always been the dream of many people. They are available in a range of wood and lacquer finishes and can be made in any size, with a headboard or full bed-end. Add a sense of decadence to your bedrooms with 4 Poster bed which comes in a very cover vogue beds with exquisitely sculpted wood frames. It is built to celebrate a distinguished past, yet perfect for today’s homes. A timeless statement of quality and style. Also, it’s a new-age design that combines comfort and style to create a truly beautiful bedroom.


Explore the world of rustic bedrooms with our traditional and modern hand-carved bedsteads. Inspired by centuries, old designs, Rustic isn’t simple, as, each piece features solid wood construction, which makes it strong and sturdy and brings the warmth of the countryside into your home. They have been replicated as intricately in wood as possible using traditional carving tools and techniques. Rustic Bedrooms creates a global retreat that is uniquely yours.


Add some character to your home with our affordable, mid-century bedroom furniture. Mid-century fashionable was at its height from the 1950s through the 1970s. It’s created a comeback in living and feeding rooms, and it’s excellent for your bedding. It conjointly includes modern components like formed plastic, chrome, and pops of bright color and geometric patterns. Mid-century bedrooms mix modern aesthetics with a vintage form which surely completes the look you have been searching for.


Imagine a bedroom that reflects your personality, Sounds Great Right! Our wallpaper collection for modern bedrooms was designed to be used in houses, dorms, or any place where you need to add color to a room. With custom wallpapers and carpets, the walls come alive, and the floor looks as good as it feels. Treat yourself by choosing from fluid shapes and abstract designs which give a fresh look for your room with our range of classic, contemporary, and abstract patterned wallpapers. Look for varied options with Modular Kitchens, Closets and Home Interior Styling to give perfect contrast to your Designer Bedroom. We are the #1 choice among restaurants looking for Interior Designers in Tri-city i.e. Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali.