Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are designed with standard sizes of detached boxes outright with cadaver, shutters, baskets and handles, etc. and are capable of being in selection as per preferences of requisitions and space on hand. Individuals can even make further additions later as per the future demands.

Suntech Interiors is a name of repute when it comes to designing Modular Kitchens with love, luxury and precision. Over the years, as Interior Designers, we have earned our customers’ trust for end-to-end service and a precision bound approach to every project. Big or small, lavish or compact, we specialize in providing the best Modular Kitchen Designing Services with scalable results. We are famous for Modular Kitchen in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali. Let’s dive deep into the types of Kitchen Designs we have for you:

In-line shaped modular kitchen

Synonym to sleek masterpiece In-line modular kitchen stands out if your home boasts an open or longish kitchen. This type of kitchen allows the cook the panorama of picturesque view with sweet effervescence while cooking. The best part about the in-line kitchen is that it comes with maximum storage capacity. Although, you need an expert kitchen designer to make sure the work area isn’t compromised because of the single partition wall.

L-shaped modular kitchen

The jack of all trades, the L-shaped modular kitchen serves as the perfect kitchen design for most households irrespective of their sizes. The 2-countertops, one small and one large allow the user to occupy the storage and work area to their fullest. With bigger spaces, you have the luxury of a dining table placed inside your kitchen area. Most of the modular kitchen manufacturers suggest an L-shaped structure for small kitchens. Modular Wardrobes, Designer Bedrooms and overall Home Interiors they all go merrily with L-shaped kitchens.

U-shaped modular kitchen

Having a U-shaped modular kitchen at your home is a luxury not everyone can afford. But with professional kitchen designers, you can dream of cooking in a grandeur kitchen space. The best part about them is the abundance of availability in terms of storage and workspace. Modern kitchen designers can further apprehend the beauty of your home by designing your kitchen with matching colors and equipment.

G-shaped modular kitchen

A G-shaped kitchen is an answer if you are a fan of German or Italian style kitchens. Besides cooking, you can dine-in, catch a drink or have a dialogue with your loved ones in this kitchen style. Chairs alongside the platform are the highlights of the G-shaped kitchens. Designwise its an extension of the U-shaped kitchens but possess a great scope of cabinetry and workspace. Sadly, you need to have a larger kitchen space to accommodate G-style architecture.

Parallel-shaped Kitchens

Galley kitchens, better known as Parallel-shaped kitchens, are the perfect recipe for modern compact houses. For the same reason, they are the preferred choice among single-cook homes. The beauty of this kitchen aggravates with a sleek look coupled with a twin-colored theme. Speaking economically, it’s a big yes for your home with huge storage, added lofts, lesser spending on cabinetry and countertops. Thereby, accounting for a low-maintenance kitchen design option for budget homes.

Island-shaped Kitchens

An epitome of luxury, the island kitchen personifies lavishness and is an ideal foil for houses with larger rooms. The best part is – it’s spacious, symbolizes richness, and can be used for shooting Cookery Videos too (winks). It’s a super fit for multiple cooks and throwing kitchen parties. The island in the middle allows you to have your breakfast and candle-light dinners in the kitchen space only. Some piece of advice from a Modular Kitchen Supplier on materials and themes to use will make your kitchen go glorious and super-functional.

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Sirs, was checking your website and I am really interested in your kitchen design.
I know you are based in Panchkula, would you be interested in disigning and installing kitchen and related items at my home. Just to inform you that My residency is in a village near Nawan Shahr, Punjab.
Do let mail me if it is possible so we can discuss further.

I have a flat at ANSAL API palm grove mohali,Pl mail me price for 6×8,parallel kitchen at and time required for same

i want to get my modular kitchen designed at shimla…kindly provide the estimate…area is 15x9ft… flor tiles and roof already complete..

please send some body to design and offer for kitchen

Nice collection, I’ll definitely try out G shaped kitchen at my new house. Thanks for the tour guys..

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