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Kitchen aspects that work great for Desi/Indian Style of Cooking!!

Kitchen for Indian Style of Cooking

The word Modular Kitchen, as you have noticed, is used with a very special reference to Indian style kitchen design and Kitchen for Indian Style of Cooking. Modular kitchen design photos from the West, if you see, it becomes apparent that almost all kitchens there are modular and they don’t call it out specifically. Just about a decade ago modular kitchens arrived on the Indian shores and took the interiors market by storm.

Concerning the Modular kitchen Design, the concept is still novel. For most urban homes it is now becoming something of a necessity. However Indian food and cooking are unique from the cultural perspective. It cannot be possible that you pick a Non Indian kitchen design concept from elsewhere and place it into the Indian context straight away. You have come to the right place if you want to know exactly what a traditional Indian kitchen design for a modular kitchen should include.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver a kitchen that is tailor-made for Indian homes at Suntech Interiors . Modular kitchen artifacts are part of our handpicked list to highlight what exactly Kitchen for Style of Indian Cooking should be inclusive of.

Modern Indian kitchen designs – Ideas and photos

Indian kitchen designs have evolved over time, starting from the use of brick ovens, copper vessels, and earthen urns to the present modular kitchen design. A kitchen is vital in every Indian home, given the level of hospitality we extend to friends and family. Holi, Diwali, New Years, birthdays, and anniversaries all feature exquisite food spreads.

Do you understand what we’re referring to? There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a home-baked Christmas cake or kheer made by your mother for your birthday, gujjias for Holi, or mutton biryani with sheer khurma for Eid. The list may go on forever! This area of your home requires extra attention because of our special relationship with the kitchen.

We’ve put up modular Indian kitchen designs photos that can help you build a stunning kitchen without sacrificing functionality or efficiency. We have everything you’ll need to attain this perfect balance in your kitchen’s interior design. The kitchen layout is perfect for city dwellers that live in compact apartments. Consider adding skirting drawers, pantry pull-outs, oil pull-outs, and beautiful hooks for your ladle and cooking utensils to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

  • Closed Kitchen Layout Works Best for the Style of Indian Cooking

The Indian open kitchen Designs may be popular these days but a closed kitchen has its advantages. Inside the kitchen, we wouldn’t rather keep all these sizzling tadkas and delicious whiffs of curries inside the kitchen. A lot of oil and smoke is involved in Indian cooking that may lead to grimy walls in the rest of the house if the kitchen is not closed. A measure of privacy is lent to the kitchen that sees a lot of action. It’s impractical for the kitchen to be squeaky clean all the time.

From one of our projects, this particular modular Indian kitchen design is a perfect example of a closed kitchen complete with a door. Not all closed kitchen formats come with doors. Prudently, it might have one installed, for otherwise, it overcomes the purpose of having a closed kitchen.

  • Dark Colored Lower Cabinets in Two –Toned Kitchen

For heavy-duty cooking, a white kitchen is all the rage, two-toned kitchens will tick both style and practically boxes. White for your upper cabinets, while the base units can be a dark colour, that is what we recommend for you.

An integral part of Indian cuisine is formed by curries and richly coloured spices. White for your upper cabinets and base units can be a dark colour as we recommend for you. We have got other kitchen color combinations  too if you want fancy lighter colours.

A Sturdy Countertop for Heavy-duty Cooking

Like your lower cabinets weather, the storms of spills and stains so do the countertops. Sturdy counters that are resistant to stains are a must-have for Indian kitchens. Non-porous material like quartz and granite are ideal for desi kitchen that have to be put up with the usual turmeric stains blot.

A smooth quartz countertop to match its brown cabinets is sported by this kitchen. Quartz is considered to be the best Indian kitchen Cabinets Design countertop material, from the price point, granite is also an affordable option.

  • Spice Racks for Accessibility

In Australia, the average kitchen has just four spices. This must be compared to the number of basic spices that Indian kitchen has. There is a large number of spices in our kitchen we also use them frequently in almost all our cooking. Choose an open spice rack if you want an easy reach of all your essentials.

Indian kitchen has accessible spice racks built under the cabinets. Various types of open shelves are available for kitchens.

  • Double Sinks or Utility Area to Keep Washing Vessels & Cooking Separate

We have household helps in most Indian kitchen who clean the dishes. Some of us collect the utensils to be washed for the next day in the sink or the basket. If we have a dedicated utility area or  perfect kitchen sink design in a kitchen ensures that the cooking and cleaning areas are kept separate from each other. Potential mess can be reduced if that occurs in your kitchen, this kind of segregation is there.

  • Ventilation to Keep the Kitchen Smoke & Odor–Free

Designer Kitchens in India need proper ventilation as cooking can get stuffy. It is true because we temper our food leading to quite a bit of fume and strong odours.

To buy an effective chimney is the simplest way to get rid of the smoke. But if there is a window in your kitchen, the option is equally good.

  • Task Lighting for Prep Work

We must take into consideration where people get back home from work and then cook their meals, with both partners are working. Lighting is of paramount importance and you will especially love task lighting for this.

In the case of under-cabinet lighting, it is not only functional but also looks rather chic. We genuinely favour this kind of task lighting.

  • A Space for Hanging Spoons & Spatulas

Let’s do a tiny social experiment. What happens when you count the number of cooking spoons and spatulas as you use while a full course Indian meal cooking? We recommend having hooks hang up the cooking tools instead of having them inside a drawer. That one should be kept handy, which you need most regularly.

  • Large Pantry Unit for Stocking up Groceries Altogether

We never run out of anything if you grew up in a desi home. An integral part of doing grocery shopping is stocking up essentials. In earlier times most houses had larders to stock these extras. And now in Indian kitchens, we have replaced larders with tall cabinets and pantry pullouts. You can always opt for open shelves to store your groceries. If kitchen accessories are biting into your budget, our designers always recommended tall units for all kitchens because they are worth the investment.

  • Cabinet Finish that is Easy-to-Clean for Combating the Oil & Grime

In a typical Indian household cooking is more about sizzling and simmering than baking and grilling. Oil, ghee and smoke combination in the kitchen forms a stubborn grime layer. This means we have to clean the kitchen. The smart choice is going for cabinet shutter finishes that have ease in cleaning. Acrylic is the better finish when easy cleaning is the ultimate goal. Why acrylic is better than laminates, membrane and PVC should be explored all before coming to a decision.

Fuss-free glossy finishes like acrylic are easy to maintain. High gloss laminate can be an affordable alternative for an Indian kitchen if acrylic stretches your budget.

Modular Indian kitchen design ideas for Your home

Whether it’s U-shaped, Parallel, Straight or L-shaped kitchen design the modern Indian kitchen design should first and foremost provide enough storage and counter space. Consider the range of spices used in each recipe, and you’ll immediately agree. As a result, don’t be afraid to experiment with drawers, kitchen cabinet designs, and shelves. Make sure that all of the drawers and kitchen cabinet designs are constructed to be conveniently accessible when planning your kitchen furniture design.

The ideal Indian kitchen cabinet design is clean and uncomplicated. Pull-out drawers near a countertop are ideal for sorting kitchen components into separate drawers. Wall cabinets are also useful because they limit the amount of space required. An Indian cook also needs a lot of space to prepare the raw ingredients, such as space to store marinated food out of the way and to lay out tools, among other things.

For an Indian home, a U, L, or parallel kitchen plan is ideal. When it comes to traditional and middle-class Indian kitchen design, the default setting is rich, colorful, and bold. A modern Indian kitchen design, on the other hand, necessitates a reduction in the intensity of colour and a return to nature—natural materials such as reclaimed wood for kitchen cabinet design, marble or granite countertops for an earthy touch, and accessories, accents, and kitchen décor that are simple and striking.

Modular Indian Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes

Delicious and colorful platters are well-known in Indian kitchens. Cooking should be a peaceful and enjoyable experience. A big and well-planned kitchen design is required for a pleasant cooking experience. Modular kitchens are unquestionably making an impact when it comes to creating a new kitchen or renovating an existing one. Kitchen designs for Indian homes abound, depending on one’s ingenuity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal

The modular kitchen design has proven that it is possible to turn any conventional kitchen into a clean and practical space. A modular kitchen is a concept that describes the current layout of modern cooking areas. Cabinets and other sorts of storage areas are among the modules that make up the design. The fundamental goal of a modular kitchen is to maximize space use. Floor and wall units can be found in the design spaces. The kitchen units often referred to as base units come with drawers and are called floor units. Kitchen design also includes wall units. Both are useful for kitchen storage.

The idea of a modular kitchen designs in India is not something that has been around for very long. In fact Suntech is into this business more than 25 years now. Still there are many benefits and features which have yet to be considered by any designer or manufacturer.

Modular kitchens can offer a number of advantages over traditional ones – from the amount of space they take up in your home to how often you need someone qualified to help maintain them. But there are also some disadvantages as well. So it’s really worth weighing up both sides before making any decisions on whether to go for this kind of kitchen design in India or not.

The Advantages of Modular Kitchens

    • Virtually every house in India has the same kitchen, regardless of who lives there. If you’re tired of this type of traditional and small Indian kitchen design then modular kitchens can help to inject some personality back into your home. Not only that, but you will also be able to get rid of anything that you don’t want in your kitchen – such as old appliances and fixtures.
    • Modular kitchens in India come with their own built-in drawers and cupboards as well, which means you will never have to worry about where everything should go. And even if you already have a drawer or cupboard under your old countertop – there is a higher chance that these ones will fit the existing space a bit better.
    • Once you have finished going through all of the drawers and cabinets, you can clean the whole thing down with water and leave it to dry. This means that there is no need for any harsh chemicals which could affect the taste of your food in the future.
    • Modular kitchen designs are also very energy efficient because of their sleek designs. For this reason, it’s also possible to include stylish LED lighting inside each modular kitchen design in India.

The Disadvantages of Modular Kitchens

    • There are plenty of brands around today that will provide you with a full kitchen design in India – but not all of them will be able to offer the same level of quality for your money. Unfortunately, this can often mean that their products aren’t as durable or reliable.
    • In order to offer more flexibility, many of these brands use different materials for their kitchen fronts – such as stainless steel or laminate. There are some good points about this type of material, but it’s not going to be suitable if you plan on cooking a lot with very hot liquids such as boiling water.
    • If you have to be very strict with your spending, modular kitchens can sometimes require more time and effort to install than standard kitchens.

How to organize small Indian kitchen utility area

Household duties can be made easier with a well-organized utility room. It’s all too easy to let this crucial room become cluttered and disorganized unless you have a well-designed storage system in place. With a little effort and organization, you can make room for everything you need in a super-efficient and organized manner! Here are some suggestions to help you get started with the small Indian kitchen utility area designs.

Typically, the utility room is where everything in the house is discarded. You’ll be astonished at how much garbage has managed to find its way into your home once you start decluttering! Keep only what you require, and donate or discard the rest. You’ll know exactly what to design storage solutions for once you’ve reduced your clutter.

Is your utility room going to be a kitchen expansion with a work surface and a sink? Is it only going to be used for laundry? Your storage requirements will be determined by how you use this space. Are you looking for a place to keep your gas cylinder? Do you have a dryer in addition to the washer, and can they be put one on top of the other vertically? Will you be erecting a clothesline to allow damp garments to air dry? Make a list of all the appliances and other goods that will be stored in this location. It will be easy to design the storage once you have a clear understanding.


Indian food and cooking are unique from a cultural perspective. Quite probably, you can’t go for an elsewhere kitchen design concept and place it into the Indian context straight away. You have come to the right place if you want to know exactly what a desi modular kitchen should include. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver a kitchen that is tailor-made for Indian homes at Suntech.

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