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Do You Need an Open Kitchen?


Make the Best Preference for Your Indian Gastronomic Standard of Living

Ever thought of getting a Modular Kitchen but stopped because of space crunch in Kitchen area? India is catching up on the open kitchen trend very fast, which have been quite popular in the West for the time being. But, the closed outline is having been the conventional choice for the Indian Kitchen for a long time. Besides, it is often the default kitchen layout offered by builders in India. An open kitchen is blending in with the rest of the house but a closed one is offering more privacy. So for a homeowner, it cannot be probable to pick between the two.

Hence you must take a look at the advantages of both the outlines (open and closed) and finalize if they are suitable to the Indian gastronomic standard of living or not!


Benefits of Open Kitchen

  1. Time Saving

Presently, the Indian couples today are falling short of time. Balancing work and family life has become a key challenge in the world of today. With just limited hours spent at home, it is necessary to do multitasking. In this kind of situation, an open kitchen is an option that becomes practical since parents are keeping an eye on their kids, catch up on some TV or are just interacting with each other, all while engaging in their cookery errands.

2. More Family Devotion

Quite easily, an open kitchen becomes every home’s heart instead of being just a workspace. The open design enables your interaction with people in the drawing area while you are busy preparing food. Entertaining guests and serving them during parties is becoming an easy job involving more convenience whilst you are having an open outline.

3. Efficiency in Space

As known to everyone, India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. As a result, prices that are of real estate ones are far to high with acute space crunch. Quite often is this a crucial factor whilst making an Indian Kitchen design. For kitchens that are small or modestly sized, open layouts are well vocational since they are making the larger appearance of the space.

Benefits of Closed Kitchen

Kitchen Privacy

There are some people who still feel uncomfortable with letting guests see the inevitable clutter in their kitchen whilst entertaining. So they start favoring closed kitchens. A closed layout lets you commit blunders and lets them go unseen. Also it will help you save the to and fro moment for whilst you are actually serving your preparations in front of the guests.

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