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11 Things Nobody Tells You About Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Renovation is always a great idea. People who never renovate their houses often get stuck with different things. The kitchen considers the heart of the home, as it has the power to break or make peace for your life. You always have a list of changes in your mind you want to complete in your kitchen. Kitchen renovation is a complex kind of idea, and many people don’t even know about it. In the market, you can find incredible ways to deal with the renovation of your kitchen.

Due to the numerous creative ideas, people find it easy to hire a professional to get the services for their kitchen renovation. It takes a lot of money to renovate the kitchen. According to a survey, the average cost for the kitchen remodeling can vary from Rs.250000 to Rs.500000. So, before spending this much money, you should know the things nobody will tell you about the kitchen renovation.

The kitchen is an integral part of your home, and renovation is a great idea. Either you are hiring a professional for this renovation purpose or doing it by yourself. You will always wonder about certain things and would say why no one told you about this before!

The following list will help you out to clear things regarding the kitchen renovation.

1. Expensive idea

Renovation of the kitchen is expensive and needs lots of creativity. A survey shows that an average renovation cost can vary from Rs.250000 to Rs.500000, which is the average reading. The cost of the kitchen renovation depends on many factors like your idea. If you have planned to set your kitchen on modern trends, its price will be higher than the average. If you plan to hire a professional designer to design your modular kitchen, this idea will be more convenient for you. You can get a quote for your kitchen renovation before finalizing the deal. Sometimes getting an idea about renovating costs does not work as you bear some unexpected extra costs while renovating your kitchen. Another factor that affects renovation costs is an increase in the prices of materials. It would be best if you discussed all the perspectives with your contractor before signing any contract.

2. Don’t focus on material appealing only

The kitchen is the heart of any home as people mostly spend most of their time in the kitchen. They at least visit it once a day. A kitchen should be more appealing esthetically. But thinking about the idea of white tiles and an interior with the same color scheme can be satisfying and exciting. But practically, it’s going to cause more trouble than peace. You have to take extra care of its cleanliness. So, try to work on ideas that are practically more fit in your life’s comfort. Try to keep balance with aesthetics and functionality in Kitchen remodeling.

3. Take your time to implement your idea

Don’t rush into the ideas. Take your time to think and research it if you have shifted to a new home or have to build a new one for yourself. Never go for kitchen renovation all of a sudden. Experts say that one should live with his kitchen for at least one year. Spending time with your kitchen will help you to select the right kind of layout. You always need to know the way you use the kitchen and its premises. For example, you may find it more comfortable to have a washbasin in the rightest corner. But if you start the renovation before knowing your kitchen, you will waste money and mental peace.

Kitchen Remodeling

4. Don’t follow trends always

People mostly switch to the ideas of renovation in the influence of new trends. But I must say you should not follow all the trending designs. For example, a few months ago, there was a trend to have white cupboards, shelves, and tiles, but this idea is challenging to hold practically. Another overrated trend is over the stove pot filler. This design was helpful but was costly. Similarly, having a black granite sink in kitchens seems a great idea, but keeping these sinks clean is difficult. So try not to follow trends all the time.

5. Economical options

Many contractors offer customized solutions for your needs, and they are very economical. You can search a little for the available, affordable option to remodel your kitchen.

6. Consider the advice of the contractor

When you have decided to renovate your kitchen, you will have lots of horror stories regarding kitchen renovation from your friends and family. But I would suggest you take your time to research your idea and find out the best contractor for yourself. If you have lots of references for a contractor, you should also explore your idea to discuss with your contractor.

If your contractor points out that your idea would not work for you in the best possible way, you should consider his suggestions. Try not to ignore the advice of your contractor. Knowledgeable and experienced contractors always know what will work best for you according to your space. You have hired them to work for you so let them do their work in your best interests.

7. Availability of materials

Once you have started work on your kitchen renovation, ensure the availability of all needed materials on time. As the contractor will not work after the completion of the contract, the unavailability will also affect the progress of your kitchen remodeling. Ensure you ordered all the stock before the start of work and have checked all the deliveries on time. To make the renovation process smooth, try to make a list of materials you need. List down the materials and appliances you have received and yet to receive.

Kitchen Renovation

8. Benefits of hiring professionals

Many people think hiring a professional for advice would be a waste of money. But kitchen renovation requires a high level of expertise. No one can design a kitchen without proper experience and knowledge. An advisor can help you save your money and time by making the right decision for your kitchen remodeling process.

9. Take advice from a designer for your kitchen remodel layout

Kitchen renovation is not an easy task. It’s a complete science with proven rules regarding appliances, lighting placements, etc. No matter how well you have researched your kitchen renovation, it’s always better to get an expert eye.

10. Your renovation cost would be 25% more than the estimated cost

No one will tell you that kitchen renovation needs innovative work. No matter how you have designed your budget, there is always an additional one than the estimated cost. So, it would help if you have an idea that you will have to face a 25% addition of estimated costs. If it’s your first experience with renovation, this increased cost would be 35% of the estimated cost. You will learn many new things regarding renovation and commit many mistakes if it’s your first time.

Kitchen renovation

11. Try to prepare a temporary kitchen first

Suppose you are going to renovate your kitchen and have to use it as well. Then to save your time you should prepare a temporary kitchen before starting the kitchen renovation. It will save you time.

The above points will help you make your kitchen renovation experience easy and less time-consuming as nobody will tell you these things.


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