The Ultimate Guide To Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs


Is it a huge task to create a small room which is also an oasis of peace and serenity? Of course, the first thing is to hide the things further out of sight. The first task is to combine the words “stash” with “out of sight” in an effective way. The challenge is a firm decision between limited storage and huge modular wardrobes that choke up a small space. Here are some lovely small bedroom cupboard design ideas that makes use of some advanced and innovative thinking to overcome the wardrobe problem and help keeps a bedroom organized.

Let’s discuss  Best Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs:

1. Taking use of the wall behind the bed

Instead of building cabinets, people sometimes ignore the wall behind their bed. However, if you’re short on space, have used this area to design your closet. Add bedside tables to the décor and extend the cupboard to the ceiling to enhance storage area. A word of warning: maintaining the layout light and airy to avoid making the space feel claustrophobic

2.   Analyze the Bedroom cupboard color in relation to the flooring and walls.

It is all about creativity and good design. To confuse the brain, use the same or similar tones for a small bedroom cupboard design as the wall next to it or the floor it sits on. This has a smooth appearance and contributes in the creation of fluidity and space without the usage of straight edges.

3.   Take a Slider Door Feature Almirah

Most people have no understanding that when closet doors are opened, they absorb not only the extra room on which they are built, but also the area covered by the doors. It is also preferable to go with sliding doors in a cupboard design for small bedroom. It’s a great solution that would save space even while giving a better appearance to the custom bedrooms.

4.   Indulge in Cupboard Design for small bedroom with Glass

This is one of the earliest tricks in the book of architecture. Mirrors reflect light and help to make a room look smaller. As a result, choosing for a closet with mirrored doors is both efficient and aesthetic. Mirrors can make the cabinet look lighter. Furthermore, you will not be required to buy a dressing table, which means one thing: area will be saved!

5.   Using Reflective Materials for bedroom cupboard design

Another option you choose in your small bedroom cupboards design is glass, which is opaque, translucent, or transparent and moderately reflecting. This one has a similar feature to mirrors in that it gives the bedroom a more open air while also reducing the load of the closet.

6.   Don’t use Dark Colors For cupboard Design

Though dark color combinations can make a room appear small, lighter shades do the reverse by making it appear larger. As a result, selecting a interior bedroom cupboard design in only one color, however a lighter one, serves to lighten the bedroom.

7.   Consider Almirah Designs for Small Spaces.

It is having a wardrobe made into walls rather than having a separate standing cupboard or building a wardrobe on unused but important floor space. It also helps the clothes blend in by associating it to the setting’s design. In the above-mentioned interior bedroom cupboard design, the space next to the window seat was used to build a cupboard. This style is ideal for a small area because to the lacks of handles, thin form, and mirror wall insert.

8.   Extend Armoires to the Roof

In a small area, every inch matters, and wasting space is as bad as stealing. So have your carpenter construct an almirah that goes all the way to the ceiling, giving you at least one more shelf space. If you already have a cupboard with an empty roof area, have your carpenter build new dressers for that area.

9.   The Mirror Ruse

You’ve heard of the technique before, haven’t you? Mirrors generate a sense of space in a room and give the appearance bigger than it is. Using mirrors on the wardrobe panels not only makes a stylish statement, but it also reduces the need for a dressing mirror.

10. The Headboard Wall Expanded

Storage shelves and wardrobes have been built into the wall-to-wall area. This wall in a child’s room includes a free additional shelf for organizing toys and books. Attaches both sides of the wardrobes to complete the design.

Take some tips from this teeny-tiny corner of the cardboard box. Separate wardrobes were made out of the space left over from the wall on each side of the bed. Even the aesthetic style works best for side tables.

11. Open Capsule cupboard design for small bedroom

A capsule wardrobe limits the number of generally utilized garments and accessories (for a given period of time). All you’ll need is a set of customized furniture to store it in. This way, a modest, easily organized storage area can be made inside the bedroom. Other things can be placed in a drawer inside the dresser, a close wardrobe, or a storage area.

How do easily arrange small bedroom cupboards

In a small bedroom, space is at a premium. You need to find ways to utilize every inch of your room without disrupting the flow from one activity to another. Here are some ways to arrange small bedroom cupboards in systematic manner.

  1. First way you can do this is by installing a set of small shelves inside your room cupboard so that you don’t have to open the doors and disturb everything when getting clothes or putting them away. This will also free up floor space for other things like shoes or laundry baskets.
  2. Another good use for space inside the closet is to install a wall of small hooks or pegs to hang items like purses and backpacks.
  3. A dresser with multiple drawers will allow you up to keep your clothes organized and easy to get out when needed, but it can be difficult because you’ll have no other choice than pile everything into one drawer. A dresser with one or two large drawers can be nice for clothes while you use the other ones to store linens, socks, and undergarments.
  4. Another option is to get an armoire with hanging shelves and bars inside so you can hang all your pants. For shirts, use the top shelf for all the shirts while using the bottom part for folded sweaters or other things that won’t properly fit on a hanger. This will give you access to your clothes without having to open the.
  5. Setting up a small wardrobe in your bedroom allows you to display some of your favorite clothing pieces that are too special to just throw into a closet. You could also get heavy duty yet removable hooks so you can easily display and remove your clothing when desired. This way, you’ll never have to deal with wrinkled dresses and jackets. Just make sure to use a cloth garment cover when putting them away for storage over long periods of time.
  6. If possible, try not to keep too many things in one place so as not to clutter the room cupboard even more than it already is. Keeping things close yet separated can help you keep out of trouble when it comes to arranging small bedroom cupboards.


Getting the efficient use of available area is both necessary and prudent. It is always good to keep your room as tidy as possible. Whether you need a desk or not, it makes sense to make use of all the space that we have available for storage and organization. Hopefully these few suggestions and ideas will help you arrange your small bedroom cupboards in systematic manner so that everything has its place without taking up too much space. Get in touch with  interior designers for custom bedroom wardrobe designs and other home interior-related enquiries.

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