Kitchen Cabinet Materials Why Laminates

While building a new house or if you are planning to remodel the existing one then one should not ignore the designing of the kitchen.

Kitchen is also an important part of the house since it is used a lot either for cooking delicacies or for eating meals as a family. The trend of modular kitchens are gaining a lot of popularity due to its very advantages over the traditional kitchen.

The installation, as well as the finishing of the kitchen cabinetry, tends to contribute significantly when it comes to the overall aspect and look of the room.

There are multiple choices of materials which can be used for kitchen cabinetry, some of which are expensive whereas others are affordable.

But some are long-lasting and durable whereas some others do not come with any guarantee.

Let us have a look at the various options of cabinet materials available in the market:


This has been one of the commonly used material for kitchen cabinets. The main reason being, it is non-toxic, renewable resource and natural.

Once wooden cabinets are installed, they can be either stained or varnished in the shade you desire. It brings along a natural texture thereby giving the kitchen a calm and perfect look.


Those who are looking out for cheaper kitchen cabinet material options then laminates are the best choice. Most of the owners prefer using laminate over natural wood material.

The reason being they are resistant to any kind of damage, within the budget. There are multiple laminate design options you can select from.

Poly-Vinyl Chloride sheets:

Basically these sheets are made from the plastic composite hence they are termed to very strong and durable.

They are oil-proof as well as water-proof thus making it one of the popular choices for kitchen cabinetry. These sheets are available in light shades and some of them also come in the faux-wooden finishing.


Another material which is also used for kitchen cabinetry is aluminum and stainless steel. For professional kitchens, stainless steel is the preferred option since it is very much easy to clean as well as maintain.

Stainless steel, when compared with aluminium, is pretty much strong as well as durable. They are available in multiple finishing and decorative patterns.

They do not get affected by humidity and heat unlike the other types of material.

Wood Veneers:

Very much similar to the laminates, the wood veneers are basically made from the thin sheets of wood which are then pasted on the substrate for example MDF.

These are sustainable material and are very much economical when compared with natural real wood.

Why to go in for Laminate as the ideal option for kitchen cabinet?

As we have mentioned earlier, laminates are termed to be one of the best choice for those looking out for cheaper options in the material of kitchen cabinets.

Laminates are turning out to be the preferred option when compared with natural wood because they are easy on the budget and also resistant to any kind of damage or infestation.

Laminates are made from the thin sheets of plastic resin and plastic which are joined together hence they are very much hardy.

Most of the times laminates are pasted on the base layer of some strong material for example Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF. There are multiple design options you can select from based on the design or décor of the house. You can coordinate the design and style of the kitchen cabinets with that of the house.

Laminates are also referred to as the Sunmica design sheets and they are available in wide variety of finishes which also includes glossy and matte finishing. You can also carry out digital printing on their surfaces so that it would give you a unique kind of look for the kitchen.

Laminate finishes are heat and moisture resistant. They can also be treated for antibacterial properties. Let us have a look at the key advantages of laminates for kitchen cabinets:

Fit in each kind of style:

Having a personal style is of utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right kind of cabinets. Laminate kitchen cabinets are available in different style and colour.

There are also the ones which imitate the natural wooden feel.

Easy in terms of maintenance:

Any kind of splashes dirt and grease can be wiped off quickly in case of laminated kitchen cabinets. The color of the cabinets would not fade away hence there would not be a need for refacing them.

Durable and sturdy:

One of the biggest advantages of laminate kitchen cabinets is that they are very much durable. The laminated kitchen cabinets are resistant to any kind of changes in the moisture. You would not find them getting cracked or warped from the steam present in the kitchen.

Hence apart from being cost-effective than the other materials for kitchen cabinets, there are a number of advantages when you go in for laminated kitchen cabinetry.

You can also customize them based on you personal décor style so that it is built specifically as per the need of your house and kitchen. Let renovating the kitchen be a much better experience when you choose the right kind of materials.

Even though laminate may have got its bad reputation in certain ways but do not shy away from choosing laminates as one of the ideal options for kitchen cabinetry.

You may find it difficult to choose the best colour and finishing of kitchen laminate but it is at the same time exciting as well as challenging experience.

After all, what matters is that the cabinets should look fresh and sleek at the same time. You can go in for either matte finish, glossy finish, textured laminate, metal finish laminate or solid color laminate.

It is your choice hence carry out a proper research before you settle for one. After all it is about making the kitchen look good and maintenance free at the same time. There are antibacterial laminates also available which checks the growth of bacteria and germs on the surface of the kitchen.

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