Walk-In Closet Ideas That Will Make Your Home Feel Like A Haven

walk-in closet

It’s no secret that having a closet is a life-changing addition. It adds practicality, storage, style, and of course—space. It comes in many shapes and sizes. A wardrobe is a great space to keep your belongings while also adding aesthetics to any room. It can be a small walk in closet or a huge walk-in closet with enough room for your stuff.

A walk-in closet is a space that can serve as practical and valuable addition to your home. It also makes your house look more spacious, brighter and organized .There have been numerous items that can store in this type of closet. It can be anything from shoe racks, hanging bars, and hanging shelves. Whether you’re looking for something new, a stylish look for your closet or something to update, you’ll find a variety of walk in closet designs that suit your style and needs and can transform your closet into a haven with a few clever ideas.

So, If you are looking to turn your walk in closet into a stylish, functional space that doesn’t cost a fortune, look no further! This guide features some luxury walk in closet design ideas and layouts to inspire you to make your walk-in space work for you and not against you. 

Summing up a lot of information in one article can be difficult, but we’ve researched for you.

What is a walk-in closet?

A walk-in closet is an effective and ideal storage solution for people who want to keep their clothes organized without buying any additional furniture. It is a closet that is separated from the rest of the room and is usually built-in in small dressing rooms next to bedrooms. They allow you to store clothes in a convenient space while getting dressed. Moreover, they are generally equipped with shelves and drawers, making keeping your clothes and accessories easy. It is a space that is not open to the public, which means that you can use it to store your clothes without worrying about anyone seeing them. Also, they can be built in any size, shape, and design that you want.

Why is a walk-in closet a great place to store items?

The benefits of owning a walk in closet are many

  • A walk-in closet is often more extensive than the average closet. It helps you to keep more stuff in a smaller area. Accordingly, you can keep your clothes organized, clean, and neat. It could hold a lot of stuff. It’s great for storing clothes, but it can also be a great place to store shoes, Jewellery, accessories, and more.
  • You can organize a system that makes acquiring the items you need simple. You can have hooks, rods, or racks for items you need to access quickly.
  • It makes your home look more prominent. If you have a walk in closet in small space, you can make it look bigger and feel more spacious by putting shelves or racks on the walls.
  • It helps in the management of your house. This is a fantastic way to keep your things in an order.
  • Integrating storage and elegance into your home may bring a lot of styles. A pattern can also give color and charm to any walk in closet. This is a great option to give your house a distinct look.
  • It increases the home’s value significantly.
  • You can store extra items in your walk in closet. It’s a great place to store things you don’t need or use regularly.
  • People store items in their walk-in closets is to keep them from being disturbed by family members. Some people have a problem with clutter and mess and use the walk-in closet organization as a safe place to keep all of their items organized.

Different types of Walk in closet designs

To demonstrate how a walk in closet can work, we’ve created a few different styles ideas that you can choose from.

1. Single-sided

This closet design is a great way to make a small room look larger. It’s also a perfect way of making your walk in closet more stylish and vibrant. This  closet design features one side that is for your clothes, and the other side is for your shoes. It’s an ideal space for those who want to store their shoes and other stuff separately.

2. Mirrored Passageway

This walk in closet is a simple, elegant way to add storage and style to your home. The mirrored passageway adds a light to the room, which helps it feel brighter and more spacious. It can be a great way to add a bit of character to your home and make a small space feel bigger. This mirrored passageway features a mirrored wall that separates the two sides of the walk in closet. 

3. L-shaped Walk in Closet 

This  closet style is ideal for folks who have limited storage space. It’s a fantastic way to utilize most of your available space. The mirrors in this L-shaped  design cover the whole closet width. This mirror allows you to see the entire space of the walk in closet from any angle. It has two aisles and a center area with storage and a hanging bar. This kind of modular wardrobe can fit many items, and it can make a small room feel bigger.

4. Center Island

This is an excellent design for a walk in closet with a center island. This design has a side shelf where you may keep your footwear and other accessories. Furthermore, this design can fit a dresser, a nightstand, and a sofa or chair. It has a great space to add a television or even a mirror.

5. Wrap around 

Whenever it relates to a walk in closet, make sure it is spacious and functional. This is a trendy closet design and one of the easiest ways to make your closet work for you. A wrap-around closet is perfect for those with limited space.  All of your clothing items, footwear, and jewelry could be stored in one place. This closet design is also effortless to make. All you’ll need is some shelving and some sliding doors. You can even use a built-in closet rod.

6. Classic Walk in closet 

This is a classic closet design that features storage shelves, a hanging rod, and a mirror. It offers a fresh and elegant appearance that is simple to cleanse and manage.

What are the most crucial aspects to Consider when planning and designing a walk-in closet?

Design walk in closet can be a complicated task. Many aspects must be considered while designing a walk in wardroobe.

1. Space available and Walk-In Closet dimensions

When creating a modern and luxury walk-in closet, the proportion of empty space is vital. If you have a lot of items and desire a spacious walk-in closet, consider how much space you have for the cabinet. Make sure you have enough space in your closet to keep all of your garments, bags, and other belongings.

If your walk-in closet room takes up a lot of space, a built-in wardrobe could be installed on one side of the room. If your bedroom is adjacent to the lavatory, consider putting the closet there. This will result in performing more tasks comparatively. Although you can still use a walk-in closet, you will have to move your clothes and other things even if it is in a different room.

2. Stuff to be Kept

Put together a list of what you’d like to put in your walk-in closet. The list will assist you in arranging your stuff. If you want to store your boots in the room, you’ll need a dedicated storage place. You might also use shelves to store stockings, jackets, and other items in the wardrobe.

Think about the function of your walk-in closet and how it will be used. If you use it as a wardrobe, you will require a large closet with good storage space. If you intend to use it as a dressing room, you’ll require a smaller one.

3. The Home furnishings Arrangement

Extra furnishings, such as cabinets and wardrobes, can be fitted depending on the proportions of your walk-in closet. An ottoman, a vanity table, or an island countertop with a clear cabinet for accessories storing are all options. All of the furniture, especially the larger pieces, should be sorted so that you can get dressed fast. That’s why the function of an interior decorator is so crucial. Experts will assist you in creating a functional walk-in closet.




4. Furniture Design Concepts

Following that, you must decide on the style of your furnishings. A walk-in closet’s cabinetry is a crucial component. Your architect can achieve this, though they will require understanding your requirement and taste. You can also modify the aesthetic of the cupboard door by selecting the material and style of the door. As an illustration, you can opt for a steel door or a glass door. You can also install a dressing mirror or other furnishings to use as a dressing table.

5. Choose the correct type of flooring

Another factor to consider is the flooring. The floor should be hard enough to protect your items but soft enough so that you do not get hurt when walking on it. Always make sure to test out the flooring first before installing it in your closet.

Most people like hardwood floors because they are durable and easy to clean. Other popular choices include tile, cork, and linoleum. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for someone who desires a more opulent appearance.

6. Consider what type of wall coverings you would like

Ceramic tiles and wallpaper are standard options for a walk-in closet. They are simple to clean and look stylish.

Few more things to consider while designing a walk-in closet

  • Your closet should not resemble a museum. Make sure your walk-in closet design is both modern and appealing.
  • The closet’s size should not mislead one. Walk in closets designs are available in a wide range. Make very sure you choose the one that best suits your requirements.
  • Be ensure that your closet is functional. You don’t want it to be a room that only can collect dust and dirt.
  • A walk-in closet should be planned with the organization in mind. When organizing items, you want to make sure that the items are easy to find and use. It is also helpful if the items are easy to clean because it will save time.
  • It is vital to consider how the closet will be utilized. You can either have a closet with a separate door for each person or a closet shared between multiple people. If the closet is shared, you will need to ensure that everyone is using it appropriately.
  • The cupboard design is another critical factor to consider. You want to make sure that all the items are easily accessible and organized. You can arrange your stuff in a variety of ways. The simplest way is to use baskets and boxes. Another alternative is to use hanging racks and shelves.

Ideas to help you design a walk-in closet that is functional and attractive.

1. Wire Shelves for Walk-In Closets

These are ideal for storing stuff that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Wire shelves are simple to set up and utilize. They are also simple to clean and easy to maintain. Some people also use wire shelves to store their clothes.

You can either use wire shelves as your primary storage solution or use them in addition to baskets and boxes. If you have many items, you might think about getting more shelves.

2. Wood Shelves for Walk-In Closets

Wood shelves are another great option for storing items. They are solid and straightforward to clean. They are also simple to fix and personalize. Depending on the type of wood you use, you may make it seem stylish, rustic, or modern.

They are ideal for storing smaller items such as books and DVDs. They are also great for organizing your Jewellery.

3. Choose Cabinets for a Walk-In Closet

Cabinets are a great way to organize your items and keep them tidy. You can choose from a range of cabinet alternatives depending on the size of the closet. You have several options available to you like you can have open shelving, drawers, or cabinets. Each of these options has its own set of benefits. For example, drawers are suitable for storing smaller items like socks and underwear. Open shelving is perfect for storing more oversized items such as shoes and coats.

4. Color-Coordinate Closet Storage

You can create a unique look by coordinating your storage solutions. You can use baskets, boxes, and wire shelves to create a sophisticated look. If you want to go with a rustic look, you can use baskets, boxes, and wire shelves to create a more natural look. If you want to go with a more modular wardrobe look, you can use wooden shelves, racks, and hanging rods to create a more contemporary look. Use an Under-the-Bed Storage Solution You can use under-the-bed storage solutions to store all your items.

5. Use Multiple Shelving Solutions




If you want to go with multiple shelving solutions, you can use baskets, wire shelves, and hanging rods. Each of these alternatives has its own set of advantages. For example, baskets are great for storing shoes and accessories. Baskets can also be utilized to keep your clothes organized. Hanging rods are ideal for storing jackets and coats.

6. Add Extra Storage

You can create extra storage by using trays and baskets. You can also use open shelving. Open shelving is perfect for storing Jewellery, cosmetics, and other small items. On the whole, baskets are best for storing items that do not require a lot of space.

7. Incorporate an Island

An island in your walk-in closet is another option. It will give your closet a spacious feel and make it look more organized. You can choose to incorporate an island into your walk-in closet with or without a storage solution. The island can be utilized as a shoe or coat storage area. It can also be used to store your handbags and purses.

8. Choose a mirror

A full-length mirror is a great option. It allows you to see your entire body in one glance, and it is also great for putting on makeup.

7. Add lighting

Using lighting is an easy way to improve the appearance of your wardrobe. Keep a look to see whether your closet has enough light. A wardrobe with sufficient lighting is a necessity. 

A walk in closet is a place where you want to be able to find your clothes, shoes, and accessories easily. So, you must choose a design with ample lighting. There are multiple shades of lights to pick from.


When you have a walk in closet, it can add a lot of convenience to your life. It can also make a small space look larger. If you are looking for a walk-in closet that looks stylish and functional, you can choose from various options. You can choose to go with a minimalist look, or you can choose to go with a more modern look. Now, you have a clear idea of the various types of walk in closets available, and you can choose one that suits your needs. Whichever design you opt for, you will have a gorgeous, well-organized, and easy-to-maintain closet.

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