Modular Wardrobes

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Its not about space anymore, it’s the need of the modern-day homes. Yes, we’re talking about Modular Wardrobes. Welcome to our modular wardrobe design section for your Bedroom. Here you will find a lot of different wardrobes including customized wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, walk-in shutters, hinged door wardrobe, free-standing wardrobe etc. We have top-quality wardrobes at decent prices.

Wardrobes could be seen or not seen. It relies on how they’re structured. These are one of the lowest visible furniture pieces in a room, although they have the biggest impact. They are modest, generally invisible, and made just for the purpose of storage. Wardrobes, on the other side, have seen a spectacular alteration in the last few years. They’ve developed into something attractive, smart, and alluring. Its functionality has remained the same, but their design and texture have modified. Modern, fashionable houses have greatly benefited from modular wardrobes. Houses that do not like being restricted to a past era, houses that show off their rooms and belongings in it.

Modular wardrobes, as the term indicates, are storage areas that could be simply joined and disassembled, are stylish, and slope inconspicuously alongside walls. Despite big wooden almirah that hardly ever differed from an existing design, today’s modular wardrobe design are made of glass, chromium, and metals, and available in colors ranging from white to scarlet, with shapes ranging from L-shaped to parallel. Some of these designer wardrobe may be adapted with a foldable bed or tables to save area, or they can be placed floor to ceiling to optimize storage capacity.

The modular wardrobe designs are numerous and multifunctional, making it difficult to make a selection. Is the appearance more important to you than the features and functions? Will there be enough storage for another 4 years, or do you want to modify the design? When you start working on your wardrobe, you should ask yourself these sort of questions.

Whether you are looking for walk-in wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes or, hinged door wardrobes, modular wardrobe in Panchkula, Chandigarh & Mohali, Suntech Interiors has got your back. We have the right wardrobe solutions for your home.


Sliding Door Wardrobe is a beautiful, versatile storage option that helps keep your bedroom organized and stylish. With dovetailed drawers within the bedroom chest, this wardrobe can also double as a dressing table by using the top shelf as a mirror. The sliding door wardrobe also has a matching mirror that features decorative hooks.
Sliding wardrobes create more space, and its smart design makes it a stylish addition to any room. It features an adjustable soft closing door, double hanging rails and, several sliding shelves for storing clothing and shoes.

How Does a Sliding Door Wardrobe Work?

Unlike hinged door wardrobes, (where the doors are attached to the closet using hinges). The panels of Sliding door wardrobes clearly move from side – to – side. These sliding doors slide effortlessly over metal tracks attached to the base and top of the cupboard on rolling wheels.

Some designs have included a vertical slider structure that allows both doors to open at the very same time. Foldable sliding doors, which fold to one side like an envelope, are also available.


You’ve got clothes to spare, but room to spare for them? Don’t worry. Our Walk-In Wardrobe lets you sort and stores an entire year’s wardrobe, all while carving out more space in your home. Lightweight construction is easy to assemble, and the included shelves are ready to hold hanging clothing, folded items, or both.
When it comes to your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. Move things around however you like. Add racks and shelves as you go. As you grow, so does your wardrobe. No walls. No limits. At Suntech we specialize in making out the most of compact spaces, be it Modular Kitchens, Modular Wardrobes, Home Interiors or Bedrooms Interior Designs.


A Customized wardrobe helps you express your style. With bins that can be arranged however you like and in any configuration, you can arrange your clothing as you see fit. You can have your wardrobe customized as per your convenient way for all your shirts, pants jackets and, shoes.
Our customized Wardrobe makes organization easy and fun! Our wardrobe comes with a variety of different-sized storage spaces and compartments to ensure that clothing, accessories, and shoes are well organized.


The Hinged Door Wardrobe is a unique and innovative product of the highest quality. This wardrobe features three doors, two shallow shelves, and two hanging rails for a total of five roomy shelf spaces. It also features metal castors making it easily mobile around your home or office.
Our hinged door wardrobe will add tons of storage to your home. With the option to add a hanging rod for coats, our open concept design gives you maximum storage for shoes, purses, hats, and bags.
Our hinged door wardrobe with multiple shelves is perfect for adding more storage to any room.


With Free-Standing Wardrobe you can use it to hang clothes or shoes. With the doors closed it takes up no floor space at all and in fact, can be used to partition off an area in a room without having to take up wall space! It can be used in a bedroom, study and children’s room as well. We are the #1 choice among restaurants looking for Interior Designers in Tri-city i.e. Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali.

The Ultimate Deal on Modular Wardrobes

Working with interior designers to create the perfect modular wardrobe is a major undertaking. You must evaluate a variety of criteria, including the type of wardrobe, the materials utilized, and the price. Wardrobes come in a variety of materials, and one can experiment with different materials for the exteriors and interiors separately.

The most recent modular wardrobe design includes: Plywood doors are the most prevalent, and they provide the best material durability. Because the wardrobes are not exposed to moisture, the water-resistant characteristic is sometimes disregarded. When the doors are longer than 7 feet, plywood will flex from the middle. Using a block board is the best option in these circumstances. Softwood strips are placed between hardwood veneers and bonded with high pressure. This makes it anti-bend, but its durability isn’t as good as plywood’s. However, plywood, which is expensive to block boards, is an old favourite. Wardrobes can be classed according to how the doors are laid out. Mirror-framed doors are causing a stir among the populace. There are innovative formats that are making a mark with sliding doors that are desired by everyone. With sliding sets of doors, there is a new modular wardrobe design that is full of splendor and style.

These, however, come at a considerable price because they are difficult to set up. Sliding doors with classic hinges, full panel shutters, and exterior drawers are more cost-effective. It adds to the amount of space available in a wardrobe for accessories and clothing. A polished veneer can be used to hide, creating a stylish appearance. Wardrobes with no external drawers are the most cost-effective. It’s crucial to keep the shutters’ breadth in check so that they can support the weight of the heavy hinges. According to the pricing, the wardrobe size will remain proportional. Manufacturers often make wardrobes with a depth of 18 inches, although the normal dimension is 24 inches.


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