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7 benefits of buying a shower mixer


A shower mixer is an appliance that sits on the floor of your tub or shower enclosure and provides both hot and cold water. Its primary function is to mix the two temperatures for you, giving you a perfect balance of hot water with “just-right” cool refreshment. You can use a shower mixer in Abu Dhabi as a normal showerhead too, but by adding this additional device, you’ll have the option to quickly switch between warm streams of sunshine or refreshing sprays of rain. It’s like having dual personality.

A Shower Mixer will give you 7 benefits:

1.   Save on Water

One of the best benefits of buying a shower mixer in Abu Dhabi is that you’ll be able to save on water. That’s because you can set it to where you want the temperature of the water that comes out. If it’s just cold, then the only thing coming out is cold water. But if you want hot, then all you have to do is mix hot and cold water together.

2.   More Options for Temperature

Another good benefit is that you can have more options when it comes to the temperature of your water. With a faucet, you’ve only got one handle that allows the water to flow through at whatever temperature it currently is. But with a shower mixer in Abu Dhabi, you get two separate handles. The first one lets you control how much hot water comes out while the other handle controls how much cold water comes out.

3.   Pre-Mixed Water

A shower mixer also gives you pre-mixed water. You see, there are some people who don’t want to waste time “playing” with the water to get it at just the right temperature. So, all they want is for their shower to put out hot and cold water that’s already been pre-mixed for them.

4.   More Fun in the Shower

Another benefit of this kind of shower mixer is that you’ll have more fun in the shower. For example, think about the last time you had a nice, hot shower where all you wanted to do was wash and relax. But then as soon as the temperature got really warm, it also got uncomfortable because your skin didn’t like that kind of heat. What if your dreams came true and you could bathe in water at whatever temperature you wanted? You’d feel like royalty.

5.   Extra Relaxation

One more benefit of the shower mixer in Abu Dhabi is that it’s great for people who are looking to relax after a long day at work. It provides you with an extra option when it comes to relaxing in or out of the shower because all you have to do is set the temperature where you want it and let the water work its magic. But this kind of mixer doesn’t only make relaxing better; it also makes living easier in general because you can use it to wash your clothes, dishes, or just about anything else.

6.   Better Moisture Absorption

Showers with a large amount of water flow especially with high pressure tend to wash away natural skin oils and prevent your hair from getting the moisture it needs. A lower flow of water is actually better for skin and hair health.

7.   Exclusive Designs

Showerhead makers today are coming out with all sorts of mixer designs to match any style preference you may have. It’s also important to note that some showerheads are designed specifically for one type of use only. For example, a handheld showerhead may not mix water as well as a model that’s installed on the wall. Test the waters and see for yourself what works best for you by walking around in your local hardware store or home improvement center.

Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a shower without an in-line mixer

A shower without an in-line mixer may mean that when you want to switch from hot water to cold water, you have to wait 2-5 whole minutes for it to cool down before you can even use it. With a mixer, however, the “in-line” chamber will somehow maintain one temperature. So when you turn off the hotter tap and only let the cold water flow through your pipe system instead, then your shower will experience that same temperature change without having to wait for anything.

As an added bonus of buying a mixer with your shower head: sometimes these mixers can double up as a combination built-in diverter valve too! Who knew? But now you do.


A shower mixer is one of the most underrated parts of a bathroom. It’s amazing to be able to control your temperature during bath time. But it can also make you feel like royalty when you get out of the tub and have warm water flowing over your feet while cold water runs down your back. If this sounds good, then why not purchase a shower mixer in Abu Dhabi today? You’ll never want to go back to using just hot or cold showers again.


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