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10 Tips for Bathroom Renovation in 2022

bathroom renovation

Over time, we get tired of the same bathroom every day. If you don’t know how to choose the right style and finishes for your bathroom, it can quickly become outdated. Bathrooms and kitchens are where most partial renovations take place in a house. When it comes to complete renovations, these spaces often cause the most headaches for both the client and the contractor. These tips for bathroom renovation will help you understand how to remodel your bathroom.

  1. Respect the distance limit.

The most important tip and one that must never be forgotten is the first. It is important to consider the space that each sanitary device requires when designing or organizing a bathroom. For example, the area where the toilets are placed should not be smaller than 60 cm in width and 1.20 in height. The shower’s bottom should not be smaller than 60×60 cm. It is also recommended that the shower size not exceed 80×80. It is also important to consider the amount of space the door occupies (normally 62cm wide) when it opens.

  1. Level lighting.

While some bathrooms have windows that provide better lighting and ventilation, many bathrooms are still indoors without any natural light. Although bathrooms should always have overhead lighting regardless of whether they have windows or not, it is important to have spot lighting in mirrors. Spotlighting can also be used in large bathrooms to provide additional lighting.

  1. Towel radiators to conserve space.

Bathrooms are the most used space in the house. We often find that the bathroom is too small to store all our utensils. It is a great way to save space by using heated towel rails that meet both of its objectives. There are many options for heated towel rails but remember that chrome ones tend to heat more than white ones and that electric ones can be costlier over the long term.

  1. A screen for every bathroom.

Shower curtains have become less popular in recent years. It is becoming rarer to see one in a bathtub or shower. The screens are perfect for shower enclosures and have been refined over the years. There are many options available, including sliding corner screens or fixed glass. No matter what size bathroom you have, there’s a screen that will fit. However, there is one thing we must not forget: the screen’s opening should not be smaller than 40cm. If possible, a step of 50cm should be left.

  1. It is difficult to have a walk-in shower.

We always want the shower tray to be level with the bathroom floor when we remodel our bathrooms. This is both for aesthetics but also for comfort. This is difficult to achieve. Shower trays come with a drainpipe underneath that is often small in diameter and requires a slight slope to drain properly. The shower tray will rise a few centimeters if the floor is not sufficiently pitted to allow for this pipe to be placed with its slope. If your floor is too narrow to allow for a walk-in shower, there are two options: either place the shower directly above the original drain or ask your neighbor to permit the pipe through their false ceiling.

  1. Less is more.

Bathrooms need to be able to store many personal hygiene products. However, bars and shelves can cause shrinkage of the bathroom’s space. A washbasin cabinet that has enough storage is the best way to not overload your bathroom. This furniture is more efficient and comes in many sizes that can be easily adapted to your bathroom.

  1. Be cautious with the colors.

Most people make the same mistakes when doing bathroom renovation. This is especially true if it’s a bathroom that a child uses. It doesn’t matter if you have a favorite color, the bathroom will be used for many years so they will eventually tire of it. We recommend that neutral colors be used, particularly white and Gray. When necessary, we should use a more striking color. It is not recommended to paint all walls in a bathroom the same color. A simple trick is to use white walls and ceilings, Gray floors, and darker tones on the floors. One wall can also be used as a shower area.

  1. Suspended furniture.

It can be difficult to clean a bathroom if there isn’t enough space between the toilet and the sink. Suspended furniture is becoming more popular, for both the toilet and the bidet. Suspended solutions are available from almost every manufacturer of sanitary devices. They are more difficult to install but you’ll love not having any in between your bathroom floors.

  1. It is important to measure the mirror’s size.

Although it may seem like a minor detail in bathroom design, the right choice of mirrors can make all the difference in a bathroom’s overall appearance. Mirrors can be used to make small bathrooms less overwhelming or to make large bathrooms more spacious. Mirrors can be either surface-mounted or built-in. Make sure to consider the dimensions of your bathroom and the lighting.

  1. Can the bathroom be moved around?

To close, a common question that is asked when a complete home renovation is underway is: Is it possible to move the bathroom from its original location? In 99 percent of cases, it is possible to move the bathroom. However, there is one thing we need to remember. The bathrooms must have a downspout near them. Because of the size and location of their drainpipes, the toilets are the least favorable. Therefore, they should be as close to downspouts as possible.

These tips will help you make the bathroom renovation easier. However, it is best to hire an interior designer or architect to advise you and to prepare all necessary plans. A Renovator or architect can help you make the right design changes in your bathroom.

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