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6 Primary Packaging Types You Might Use Daily in 2021

Primary Packaging Types

The packaging business contributes significantly to the world economy. Packaging has a number of advantages for both consumers and enterprises. Packaging also raises safety, convenience, and marketing potential. We usually see every following product comes in kraft box packaging. Yet, there are many other types of packaging we use daily.

That’s why packaging plays such a vital role in our daily lives since we use packaging every day. We all know packaging is essential. But what type of packaging should you use? Primary packaging or secondary packaging? What kinds of primary packaging are most commonly used daily? These are some questions that this blog post will answer for you. Also, I will talk about primary packaging that we see every day without even noticing it.

Difference Between Primary & Secondary Packaging

Primary Packaging is Packaging that holds your product. Secondary packaging is the different types of packaging used to protect primary packaging. For example, you may see cardboard boxes around a TV or an industrial crate to hold electronics components, etc. Kraft boxes and custom packaging for products like clothing are also secondary packaging.

Primary Packaging

This packaging is the first, and last contact consumers have with products. Consumers find it everywhere, from food to clothing accessories to gadgets. This section includes everything in retail package design- like POP displays or point of purchase signs. We will also discuss primary product containers for different types of goods that come into direct contact with what’s inside. Such as a canister case filled with cookies or an aerosol spray bottle full of deodorant.

Secondary Packaging

We use this packaging for bulk items packaging. Industrial crates and trays are a vital component in the packaging process. We use these items to hold large amounts of the packaging that carries your product. Besides, we use them for storing or transporting. Companies use secondary packaging for centuries due to its durability and versatility. They are best to use multiple times without damaging Inside items.

Now we know both types of packaging. Now let us discuss different types of primary packaging. We will discuss secondary packaging in some other blogs.

  • Laminated Pouches

Laminated packaging is a form of packaging that consists of two or more layers. The outer layer may consist of paper, plastic, aluminum foil, etc. An inside layer may consist of different materials like barrier films. (BOPP), black polyethylene terephthalate is the best barrier.

Laminated pouches are a durable and versatile solution for retail packaging goods. The additional layer of laminate atop the printing protects it from excessive wear. This layer is great to use when distributing products for frequent use by customers in stores. In addition, they can come as zippered bags or stand-up pouches, making it easier to get items out quickly without opening everything up at once!

  • Plastic Bowls

Plastic containers are more than just cheap. They’re reusable. Plastic bottles consist of high-density polyethylene, which is resistant to wear and tear while being inexpensive at the same time. Chemical corrosion? No problem! Injection molding has led to a lot of different products, like food packaging and medicine. So, it is also in oils, lubricants, chemicals, drinks, and even multiuse items. Multiuse means bins for recycling plastic or taking your lunch back home in one container. Instead of two separate bags!

  • Thermapole Packaging

Thermoforming is a way to change the plastic. You heat it and shape it into containers for food, or other packages, like blister packs. Thermoplastics are a type of plastic that we can shape when hot and do not change shape when they cool. So, we can design packaging to look like a box. But it doesn’t need to be that simple.

  • Aluminum Tins

Tin cans are alternative to glass bottles, but plastic containers have made them less common today. Tin cans are still used in packaging many items, though, because they’re durable and inexpensive.

Tin can technology is an alternative because people began using glass jars instead of metal or clay pots. Glass jars cannot bear boiling temperatures without breaking. In France, the tin industry has been around since the late 1700s’. Tin became famous for being an alternative to silver plating. Silver plating is difficult and took a long time to make;

  • Kraft packaging

You will see most of the products in Kraft packaging. Kraft packaging is very famous due to its green nature. It is 100% recycled paper. Kraft packaging is a good way to save trees. You can recycle the packaging by adding water or glue, which helps make the packaging sustainable.

Kraft box packaging comes with many innovations. All innovations with Kraft paper made this possible to use for any purpose. Kraft packaging is hygienic and perfect health with no side effects. Healthy for humans is the main selling point of this packaging.

  • Parchment Papers

This paper is a versatile kitchen necessity that you can use for baking to lining cake pans. Parchment papers consist of cellulose, the same material as tracing pads. Paper towels you buy at your local grocery store also consist of this paper. This product has some remarkable properties. It is not like other products because it has high density, heat resistance, and non-stick properties. You’ll find parchment very useful in any number of recipes – there’s no need to grease or oil your dishware when using this type of product!

Benefits of Good Packaging

Packaging is either primary or secondary. Primary packaging typically refers to the container that holds your product, such as a bottle, can, or carton. Secondary packaging wraps around a package. It never touches the package.

The primary packaging is to protect the product, and we can use secondary packaging for marketing purposes. Therefore, the importance of this type of packaging has a significant impact on your business. Whether it’s food or other goods, packaging will make up a large percentage of your company’s total cost.

  • It provides added convenience and value for consumers by keeping their food fresh longer.
  • It keeps our goods protected from damage during shipping and in-store display.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging is always preferred and considered as good packaging.


So, there you have it- the 6 top types of primary packaging that are used every day. Get your first experience with stampa box packaging company and makes your box design value able with the leading box packaging company. They help us take business, keep our stuff safe and sound, protect food from spoiling, and prevent products from being damaged in shipment.

And these benefits don’t stop at just what they do for your product or service; using eco-friendly materials can also make a difference on a global scale by reducing carbon emissions and conserving resources like water! Stampa Prints give you highly valuable and most elegant experience of custom box packaging as well as provide the professional services in the USA and all over the world.  If you need customized packaging for your event, then search for custom packaging near me. They offer custom design services, so if you have an idea but are unsure how to create it, they will be happy to work with you until it’s perfect!


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