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Paint Colors Perfect for Your Kitchen

Perfect Kitchen Paint Colors

When it comes to selecting the right kind of paint colors for your house then that process can turn out to be quite a frustrating and time consuming one since there are so many shades to choose from. Also, every room in the house has its unique feel hence there is a need for a careful color selection that needs to be carried out.

Similarly, the kitchen is that one room in the house which needs to be careful color coordinated since it has to bear a lot of brunt and stains. One of the good news for every house owner is that there are certain colors which would suit best for certain rooms in the house. When we are talking about kitchen then the ones which really shine out would include, red, white, green, blue, gray and yellow.

It is very much important to understand how can one use the colors wisely so that it can brighten up the room and not make it look dull or dark. Since kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the entire house hence it would be wise enough to select colors that are calming such as ivory or white color for the walls.

Paint Colors

These colors are known to instantly brighten up the room and you can also combine them with the hint of other colors.


Having warm colors in the kitchen would help in stimulating the appetite and it is also considered to be one of the excellent option for that room. Hence red is considered to be one of the incredible as well as a versatile color since it is also available in multiple shades so you can play around with it and finally choose the one that would instantly pop up and brighten your kitchen. Red can be either applied on the walls or the cabinets.


White is known to instantly energize the room and for most of the individuals who start their day in the kitchen, white can be a good option. White is a symbol of freshness. Having a kitchen that is all white would instantly wake you up the moment you step in the kitchen. You can color coordinate white with certain other backdrops or have some fun with the color combination by having the backsplash and the countertops in some bright colors to match the design of the kitchen.


Green is another versatile color that provides both warmth as well as cool at the same time. It is seen in most of the kitchens. There are multiple shades one can select from. Teal green is a bright color and also considered to be a bold move in most of the kitchen.

It provides that exciting as well as energizing space in the kitchen.

Another shade of green is the sage green which is a favorite among most of the household. The sage green is considered to be one of the perfect green shade to create that soft tone as well as sophisticated look. For those who are confused on which shade of green would match their kitchen then they can play around with a combination of green shades.


The gray color is identified as a neutral color which is lately seen in few of the houses. The gray color is mostly categorized as bringing that cold feeling but when you get that right gray shade then it is sure to work wonders in your kitchen.

It is all a matter of choosing the right shade. Gray suits with a wide range of other colors which can blend in the kitchen and is also considered to be one of the perfect choice as the base upon which your kitchen can be built.

Gray also works well as part of the countertop color or it can be a part of the cabinet color. The color gray is for those people who love the black look but would rather want to go in for something that is less somber hence can try out gray.


The color black is turning out to be a new rage in most of the household and people are just loving it. However, one thing to note is that black color in the kitchen would not mean an all-black kitchen instead with expert advice you can certain parts of the kitchen painted as black.

Also, your kitchen should get an ample amount of sunlight so that it can turn the plain black color as something dynamic and exciting to look forward for. You can only have the countertop painted black or have a black faucet to get that sophisticated and elegant look.

It needs a professional help to get the color right in the kitchen.


This is the color of the sunshine hence similar to a ray of sunshine, yellow can quickly brighten up the room.

The yellow color is believed to make people hungry. It has a soothing effect to it and instantly it can calm down people and make them happier the moment they step in the kitchen. Yellow is ideal for those small kitchens since it would make the room look brighter as well as bigger. You can pair up yellow along with hues of white or gray.


Another versatile color which can add magic to the kitchen is the blue color. There are multiple shades of blue you can select from. When you go in for the lighter blue shades then it is sure to create that clean and crisp look.

Light blue shade is mostly recommended for kitchen ceiling, walls, and cabinets. Blue is considered to be a revitalizing color and it would look best only when it is used not too much else it would empower the entire room.

There are certain kitchens wherein dark blue would also look best but what is important is that it should accent along with the rest of the room wherein you can use certain other hints of color such as gray, white or any other neutral colors to avoid that feeling of dark or intense.

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