Modular kitchens come in different shapes and accessories. The U-shape and the L-shape are the commonly used modular kitchen shapes. With the changes in technology, the modular kitchens are also coming along with numerous accessories for making it more convenient, easy to access and well-resourced. The accessories are also gaining a lot of acceptance due to its elegant fittings, trendy finishes, glass work which is sleek along with some inclusion of latest gadgets.

Suntech Interiors has immense expertise in terms of providing kitchen interior designing as well as modular kitchen designing services to its clients. Having a personalized approach, getting the work carried out on a timely manner, using durable products and reliability are the key principles we take note of. Our clients are very much happy and satisfied after the completing of the work and it makes us feel proud in continuing and bringing about improvement in our work.

How we work?

We have a step by step approach once we have the client approaching us for their kitchen interior solutions. This approach allows us to understand the views of our clients, achieve the best design goals and ultimately get the customer satisfaction upon completing of the work.

  • A briefing session with the client by our consultant.
  • Understanding the concept from our clients.
  • Development of the concept.
  • Upon discussions, finalizing the concept to move ahead with the designing part.
  • Working out the drawings based on the concept.
  • Designing of the furniture or the accessories.
  • Finalizing the design with the client
  • Once the design is finalized then we carry out all the proper measurements.
  • Working on the creation of the kitchen system.
  • Getting the final fit.

Services offered –

  • A built-in customized kitchen as per your choice and décor.
  • Remodeling an existing kitchen.
  • Making improvements in the existing kitchen such as flooring, accessories removal or installation.
  • Providing good quality factory finish modular kitchen system
  • Providing electrical and plumbing relocations in terms of new or existing kitchen.

At Suntech Interiors we believe that every home owner has the right to have a new kitchen or get the existing one refurbished if there is a need to do so. Hence apart from just providing a complete range of modular kitchen we do offer an array of services at each of the kitchen renovation step. Whether you are in the lookout for a complete kitchen solution or want to save on certain services then we have the best services and package that would suit all of your need at an affordable rate.

Today converting your convention kitchen to something sleeker and convenient has become easy and a simple process. We take care of the quality of the products that we have to offer our clients along with timely services hence you can completely rely on our team in terms of professional help.

If you are one of those home owners, looking out for solutions to your kitchen interiors then you can visit us, call us or email us and we are definite that you will find all the answers to your queries.