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18 Popular Interior Design Style and Ideas 2024


Interior design is an art! Divided into many categories, such as New Chinese, Classical, European, Mediterranean, Bohemia, etc., the styles are different and the effects presented are completely different! And learning interior design, this is a compulsory course! 

  1. Chinese classical style

The seriousness and beauty of traditional Chinese interior design are combined. The wood materials are mostly, and the colors are mostly imitation rosewood and red sandalwood.

  1. Modern minimalist style

In the early twentieth century, Western modernism gave birth to minimalism. Mie’s Vander Rodhe, a European modernist architect, is credited with coining the phrase “less is more,” which is often regarded as encapsulating the essence of minimalism. The minimalist style has a tendency to keep design features, colors, lighting, and raw materials to a bare minimum, yet it has high standards for color texture and materials. As a result, basic space design may frequently accomplish the impact of utilizing less to win more and simplicity over complexity.

  1. Mediterranean style

Mediterranean-style homes generally use several design elements: white plaster walls, arcades or arches, and sea blue doors and windows. For the soul of the Mediterranean style, the current consensus is the romantic feelings of azure blue, the pure beauty of Nature with the sea and the sky shining brightly.

  1. Japanese style

The Japanese style adopts a wooden structure and is not decorated. The space model is extremely concise. The design adopts clear lines, and the curve is abandoned in the space division, which has a strong sense of geometry. Another characteristic of the Japanese style is the unity of Man and Nature.

  1. Neoclassical style

Neoclassicism aims at respecting Nature, pursuing authenticity, and reviving ancient art forms, especially works from the heyday of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. The neoclassical style also brings furniture, stone carvings, etc., into the interior furnishings and decorations. The use of brushed whitewashing and marble makes the interior decoration more emphasis on the change of materials and the integrity of the space.

  1. French style

When it comes to French style, Jiayu thinks that many people think of romance first. The French style naturally reveals a romantic and charming atmosphere from the bones, just like the Provence sunshine flooding the whole room. , The lighting creates an atmosphere and makes people feel the romantic atmosphere.

  1. European style

Pure white elegance, golden gorgeousness, deduces the dignity and style of European style; European style is not only luxurious and magnificent but also makes people feel comfortable and romantic. The European-style decoration style is most suitable for large-area houses. If the space is too small, it will not only fail to show its style and momentum, but it will create a sense of oppression for the people living in it. Jiayu believes that it is necessary to have a certain degree of aesthetics in order to make good use of the European style. Otherwise, it will only be self-defeating.

  1. Baroque

The main characteristics of the Baroque style that emphasized strength, and dynamic changes, emphasized building painting and sculpture comprehensive and indoor environment, highlighting an exaggeration, romance, passion and irrationality, illusion, fantasy characteristics. Break the balance, the plane is changeable, and emphasize the level and depth.

  1. Ancient roman style

The ancient Roman style is characterized by luxury and magnificence, which has become the most distinctive feature of western interior decoration. Widely popular and practical are Roman Dolacian, Roman Russian, Roman Ionic, Roman Corinthian, and mixed Roman columns created by their development. The ancient Roman style column style was once all the rage, and it is still often used in home decoration.

  1. Gothic style

Gothic style is an inheritance of the Roman style. Window decorations like to be inlaid with colored glass, the colors are mainly blue, crimson, and purple and the comprehensive application of 12 colors is achieved, which is gorgeous, exquisite, and psychedelic. Gothic stained glass window decorations are very famous, and they can be partially used in the ceiling in the home decoration, which has a dream-like decorative artistic conception.

  1. Bohemian style

Bohemian style was originally an extension of the field of clothing, but the application of clothing style to home decoration has a special flavor. The color matching is often based on bright colors, and a large number of exotic elements are used to express an eclectic sense of freedom and exoticism. The types of furniture are mostly retro, and their creative thinking is also fully displayed.

  1. Farmhouse style

Rural furniture is mostly white milky white, ivory white, and other whites. In the home kitchen, the rural style is used the most. The green cream design reveals a natural and refreshing atmosphere. The small broken flowers are like a girl with a pure and refined temperament, which makes Jiayu’s heart upbeat. Surging, imaginative.

  1. Nordic style

The Nordic-Swedish-style home, with light colors and a clean and refreshing feeling, allows the home space to be completely cooled. The focus of the layout of the living room space lies in the selection of furniture and the matching of colors and fabrics, as well as the coordination and symmetry skills so that every detail layout presents a comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Southeast Asian style

When it comes to Southeast Asia, many people will unconsciously think of mysterious temples or hot climates. The Southeast Asian style is a design that combines the characteristics of Southeast Asian ethnic islands and exquisite cultural tastes. It is full of tropical exoticism and widely uses wood and others. Natural raw materials, such as rattan, bamboo, stone, bronze and brass, dark wood furniture, some golden wallpapers, silk-like fabrics are partially used, and the changes in lighting reflect a sense of stability and luxury.

  1. Black and white style

Black and white are the classic collocations in home colors, and there is always a fashionable temperament that does not fall behind. Concise white is better than deep black; such a contrasting color brings a strong visual impact and a modern urban atmosphere.

  1. Country style

The country-style living room, large space, and large soft and comfortable sofas appear natural and quiet in plenty of light. An embellishment of green plants is required.

  1. British style

The British style is characterized by Nature, grace, refinement, and nobleness. It uses lattices, good tailoring, and simple and self-cultivating designs. The British style is generally simple and generous, not as prominent as the decorative effect of French furniture, but it is still unavoidable to deal with some details. , Reflecting the gentleman’s demeanor and aristocratic temperament, some with the taste of European academic style.

  1. New Chinese style

The design of the new Chinese style inherits the essence of the home furnishing concepts of the Tang Dynasty, Ming, and Qing Dynasties and refines and enriches the classic elements. At the same time, it changes the feudal ideas of rank, respect, and inferiority in the original space layout and injects traditional home culture into New breath.

Without rigidity but without losing dignity, focusing on quality but avoiding unnecessary harshness, these constitute the unique charm of the new Chinese style. In particular, the Chinese style has changed the disadvantages of traditional furniture, which is “not easy to use, comfortable and uncomfortable.” In addition, it is more and more flexible in the layout of different types of rooms, which has been accepted by more and more people. Save money with Lakeland Furniture Discount Code,  Charles Bentley Discount Code, and Wayfair promo code

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