Modular Kitchens in Chandigarh

With the constantly improving smart kitchen industry, we have decided to introduce you to the best options of luxury and affordable modular kitchens. CHANDIGARH will make you enjoy cooking. While searching for the best modular kitchen in Chandigarh we can bet you will stop your search at our store. We focus on the kitchen, an attractive part of your house. Our modular kitchens are loved by users. They choose those just after seeing them. Our modular kitchens are made of high-quality materials.

Best Modular Kitchen in Chandigarh

Our modular kitchens are durable. On these busy days, no one has much time to spend in the kitchen. Especially the working women have almost no time to cook. In such conditions, a messy and shabby kitchen can be irritating. You will get tired while organizing your kitchen and this is also very time-consuming. CHANDIGARH can help you to make your kitchen time splendid. Our modular kitchens are made based on ergonomic science. It will make the cooking easy for you and you are definitely going to enjoy it.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Chandigarh

“Kitchen is believed the core of the household” And modular kitchens are the ideals of it. These type of kitchens helps in space utilization properly. They offer the kitchens an elegant, charming and smart look. Having a modular kitchen in the place of a conventional kitchen will make your kitchen more spacious, organized and beautiful. And to organize your messy kitchen, CHANDIGARH can offer you the best help. And so, we are the trustworthy luxury modular kitchen brand in Chandigarh.

You can customize your modular kitchen according to its shape. Multiple pre-made cabinets can be get used to match according to your needed layout. Many modules get fitted together to prepare a modular kitchen. These all part together prepare the completely functioning modular kitchen. That’s why modular kitchens are so high on demand. Suntech furniture knows the best how to turn your modular kitchen into the best part of your home.

luxury kitchenThe Reasons to Use A Modular Kitchen

It is very easy to install a modular kitchen and it requires only a few steps. It increases storage space in your kitchen very easily but nicely. The kitchen starts leaving a great impact on your home, especially when you are planning some home décor though you have an open kitchen. If the modular kitchen is properly designed and planned, a small kitchen can have enough space to keep a lot of things.

  • Modular Kitchen Perks

Your kitchen should have the greatest convenient use. And in this case, the modular kitchens are the best. It has the most number of benefits. The magnificent, useful modular kitchens play an important role. You can find some benefits of modular kitchens below:

  • Easy Assembling

One of the best features a modular kitchen has is it is very easy to assemble. You can alter or renovate any part of it without affecting the other parts of it. You can easily shift them whenever, wherever you want to. Modular kitchens are organized and customized in various artistic ways.

  • Can be Customized

According to your space and wish, you can get a customized modular kitchen. The design of it can be based on your needs. You can choose some contrasting colors even according to your home’s theme to make the place look stunning.

  • Your Convenience

These kitchens can be made according to your convenience. They get made in the factory and within a month they will get set at your home. They are convenient in every way you want them to be. You can enjoy the benefits of installing a modular kitchen with them.

  • Attractive Appearance

Modular kitchens are both modern and strong. They appear elegant, trendy and sleek. Rafael Kitchens offer all such kind of beauties. You will get many types of beautiful modular kitchens here with multiple uses.

space saving kitchen organizersThe Reason Behind Choosing Suntech Furniture in Chandigarh Modular Kitchen?

Suntech Furniture provides you with elegant, trendy, classy, luxurious modular kitchens. We promise to deliver the most durable products. Our products have the best quality. So, if you are looking for stunning modular kitchens in Chandigarh, contact us so that we can offer you excellent products.

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Chandigarh

Best Efficient Modular Kitchen Makers in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is considered the modular kitchen city of the state of Punjab. It is the center of a constantly growing industrial zone. Chandigarh can be reached from any part of Punjab. It is one of the hundred smart cities in India. Residential options are expanding in Chandigarh and a new research institute is getting built there.

Top Best Modular Kitchen Producers in Chandigarh

We prioritize our clients’ needs while offering them a modular kitchen, wardrobe or entertainment unit. We offer a free quote and a 3D view of their orders so that they can decide and make changes before their furniture goes to get prepared at the production unit. CHANDIGARH promises the delivery of the furniture within a month after its production.

Modular Kitchen Dealers in Chandigarh

German Prepared Designer Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Chandigarh- CHANDIGARH is the best modular kitchen maker in Chandigarh. We have a huge client base in Chandigarh. Once one gets introduced to the quality of CHANDIGARH, we get more orders from them. It feels great to offer such high-quality products and services to our clients. CHANDIGARH is very much positive about the growing industrial hub in Chandigarh. CHANDIGARH offers great quality modular kitchens, entertainment units and wardrobes prepared by our own European machines. These all are made based upon the state of the art manufacturing facility.

Modular Kitchen Dealers and Makers in Chandigarh

Modular Kitchen Manufacturers and Dealers in Chandigarh

The modular kitchens are produced and designed in-house with the help of the latest machines. Our designers and production specialists toil hard and soul to bring you the modular kitchen you dream of. These are made based on three factors- functionality, practicality and ergonomics.

CHANDIGARH has full-time installers who are enough experienced and skilled in their work. They are proud of their job and you will feel great when they will be in your kitchen doing their job. We aim to offer our clients the best quality professional service. We believe that a great finish can be born through an attractive design and organized supervision. The realization of your dream can only bring a marvelous modular kitchen to reality. Though each of the modular kitchens is unique we always try our best to give our clients satisfaction. We have worked on many turnkey projects to change the appearance of the house’s interior and also to make a modular kitchen.



  • We provide our clients with the best types of high on demand kitchen accessories. We have multiple universal brands as our partners like Hettich, Blum, Ebco, Inox and Grohe.
  • Our appliances are from world-class brands like Bosch, Elica, Carysil, Franke, Weber, Fisher & Paykel etc.
  • We have all kinds of kitchen appliances, from in-built to free-standing to mixer faucet taps, kitchen sinks, small kitchen appliances, waste separation systems, food waste disposers.
  • There are some other services we offer in Chandigarh, Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Dinhata, Kolkata, Alipurduar, Mathabhanga and the other cities of Punjab. These services are interior designing and turnkey solutions.

The Features of Affordable Modular Kitchens in Chandigarh, Punjab

You can choose the most suitable modular kitchen for yourself in Chandigarh, Punjab.

Our kitchen is the most intensively used part of our home. And many people spend most of their time in the kitchen. So, great planning and a stunning design are very important for it. CHANDIGARH designs the kitchens with extra care. These kitchens allow you to roam around your kitchen and do the tasks in a logical way. You can work there comfortably, safely and efficiently. CHANDIGARH prepares a small work triangle for you. And so, the distance between stove, sink and fridge remains minimal and you can save your energy by less movement. We take the help of advanced scientific methods and researches while preparing these modular kitchens & plan to improve the usage of your kitchen to keep it more functional. We perform all these technical measurements keeping the aesthetics in our mind for better results.

  • Accessories are made of durable stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.
  • There are midway systems that keep you accessible to all parts of your kitchen and make things convenient for you.
  • Make work easy with world-class kitchen equipment’s.
  • Enjoy using smooth functioning, soundless systems.
  • Choose from a huge list of different types of shutters and so many colors.
  • Great planned modular kitchens offering a lot of storage space.
  • Attractively customized modular kitchens. You can get a lot of variety in this case.
  • Large range of in-built kitchen appliances and hardware from multiple brands.
  • Can see the virtual 3D design of your choice turned into an awesome modular kitchen.
  • CHANDIGARH exclusive modular kitchens are made with care in the factory.

Cost of Modular Kitchen in Chandigarh, Punjab

CHANDIGARH is enthusiastically involved in innovating new ways to offer elegant and sophisticated furniture at a relatively low cost. With 24 into 7 services from our top-notch mechanic professionals and a fantastically fast working crew, you would not have to worry about anything. Our motto is to design a kitchen to eliminate every human effort for menial or tidy tasks. Here every piece of furniture is handcrafted specially for your needs.


Modular Kitchen Price Chandigarh

We offer a limited handcrafted variety of modular furniture patterns made of A1-grade wood. We export the wood from the top best dealers from around the world. First-time customers call us often for their friend’s work or additional work. Our furniture is mathematically created so they occupy little place while having an extraordinary outlook. All of our furniture is rust-resistant, and they come with a glossy finish. It is almost effortless to maintain them.

We offer a vast variety of modular kitchen Services. All materials are bought from branded makers. Who only use raw materials of top-notch quality and enhanced technology for designing purposes for the furniture. We have thousands of happy clients, and we would be very happy to help you make feel at home. Some of our famous services consist of long-lasting shine, firm nature, rust and insect resistance, smooth maintenance, elegant glossy matte finish, and of course the aesthetic charm. Furthermore, our service is on much in demand and valued between our clients. Relative to the market the prices are very reasonable.

The cost of modular kitchen furniture in Chandigarh

We offer elegant and sophisticated varieties of modular furniture as we understand and respect every unique need of the client. We provide A1 services. Our furniture is widely acknowledged in the national as well as in the international market for various features like sophisticated and chic looks, unique and aesthetic designs, easy maintenance, cozy, comfy, and long-lasting. Our furniture is a symbol of extravagance and class.

Calculating the total cost of modular kitchen

When we get called by a client for a modular kitchen cost or interior designing at first, we would need some measurements (particularly sq. ft.) for the same area from a different interior designer or contractors or carpenters. We will help you find which designers are trying to cheat you with wrong measurements and also, we will help you figure out an estimate for the cost of a modular kitchen.

Usually, measuring wardrobe sq. ft. is pretty easy.  You just have to multiply width(ft.) with height(ft.). Do the same calculation with modular kitchen cost also but with a very little difference. As per the rules and standard modular kitchens have a Base cabinet Height of 2.5 ft., the depth of the base cabinet

has to be two ft., the height of the wall cabinet may vary from 2 feet to 3 feet. The depth of the wall cabinet has to be one foot.

Below is an example for measuring the estimated cost of a modular kitchen

  • L-shaped kitchen 10 ft. X 7 ft.
  • The base cabinet= (10+7) ft. X 2.5 ft. = 42.5 sq. ft.
  • Total working area= 64.5 sq. ft.
  • The wall cabinet= (7+4) ft. X 2 ft. = 22 sq. ft.
  • The straight Kitchen 10 ft.
  • The base cabinet= 10 ft. X 2.5 ft. = 25 sq. ft.
  • The wall cabinet= 5 ft. X 2 ft. = 10 sq. ft.
  • Total working area= 35 sq. ft.

Just like that, you can also measure for G-shaped, parallel, Island kitchen and many more of your choice and need. Crucial things to keep in mind – Few designers expand the working space and cut back the sq. ft. price. So, stay away from these people who advertised for a very low cost per sq. ft. to attract customers. They would try their best to trick you into expanding the working area for their calculations. Few contractors add depth evaluation in their calculations. To use an example:

Base cabinet sq. ft. = (10 × 2.5 × 2) = 50 sq. ft. as the alternative of the real twenty-five sq. ft., they would add 50 sq. ft. in calculations and then write off the sq. ft. measurements to trick and rip off the customers.

Notice: According to the business rules and regulations, modular kitchen cost is not only calculated based on sq. ft., additionally other interior services have to be in the calculation too. The price of the modular kitchen or any regarding services depends on material choosing, the client’s budget and craftmanship.

To use an example,  in terms of the furniture market, unrefined plywood rates go up and down from 50 rupees to 400 rupees. Also, there are a lot of other things to take into the calculation as well like paint choices, tons of lamination brands, and either as a choice if the client requires custom-made furniture or made by machinery. Mostly there are too many miscellaneous and unique products to take into account and also their costs are related to the whole calculation. That s why calculating a fixed price of the modular kitchen or any regarding services is just not possible. In today’s world, time is money and nobody has extra time mostly less so the contractors and designers have settled fees for certain sq. ft. areas and for others regarding services.

kitchen renovation

EMI system in Modular Kitchen Services

CHANDIGARH is a prestigious and famous brand for Modular Kitchen services in Chandigarh, Punjab. CHANDIGARH is known for its collection of handcrafted elegant furniture in the national and international markets as well. We understand what client needs and our A1 mechanics work creatively for any kind of custom made services. Using years of skills and ability, we create insightful furniture that co-exists and up the ante for your present furniture.

We also define remaining free space with chic handcrafted antiquities. That will be a good conversation starter in your get-together parties smoothly. To be honest, the list of modular kitchen brands is endless. And if you want an interior designer to offer you the best kind of improved modular kitchen and top-notch quality regarding services, choose CHANDIGARH. They also help with picking furniture that will go along smoothly with the modular kitchen. Feel free to ping us up if you have any kind of questions.

Chandigarh Modular Kitchen

Everyone spends a vast amount of time in their apartment’s kitchen. It is the most used space in your apartment. In today’s homes, it is more than necessary to have a modular kitchen for a hassle-free and safe experience for any kind of cooking. When your kitchen is as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the rooms, you will notice how the apartment feels more alive. There is another crucial thing to keep in mind, to use the place adequately. And there is nothing best than having a modular kitchen to use the place adequately. With a modular kitchen, you can utilize every inch of space and make it look however fancy you like.

Often people think the kitchen is just a place to cook a healthy kitchen is the spirit of an apartment. By mixing capability with aesthetics modular kitchens use mathematically creative ways so the kitchen equipment uses less space. Indian homes and apartments are getting smaller by the day, and you must use every square inch creatively for your kitchen. A Modular kitchen consists of every piece of equipment you will ever need to cook any dish of your choice while taking up less space than an average normal kitchen.

To have the modular kitchen’s design as per the client’s request and need, contractors or interior designers visit the client’s site to get a primary blueprint of the modular kitchen. The cost of a modular kitchen is measured after noting down all the client’s needs, patterns, and other equipment. The client can also repair or refurbish their current model with an elegant and stylish touch.

The advantages of a modular kitchen

Modular kitchens look very elegant, they are adjustable easily, comes with more capability. The equipment available in the modular kitchen units makes cooking an effortless chore. We have discussed below some of the best advantages you will have after getting a modular kitchen.

  • Cleaning and maintaining

The newer modular kitchen units do not have steel racks. That is why the client would not have to worry about corrosion problems or grease issues. There are various cabinets and drawers for all the kitchen equipment. Also, there’s a different cabinet for the cylinder. This way your kitchen would still have much space left for you to roam around and cook. The drawer mats are removable and cleanable very easy. In rare cases, when a small part needs replacement or repair you can take the part out and get it replaced or repaired without messing up the whole modular kitchen unit.

  • Efficiently using kitchen space

The modular kitchen unit makes sure to use every square foot of your kitchen area with magic corner places, spacious wall cabinets, more than enough pantry shelves. Modern apartments are getting smaller and costly day after day. That is why it is crucial to install a modular kitchen and the best choice for your modular kitchen needs is Suntech in Chandigarh, Punjab.

  • Cleans up the messiness in the kitchen space

The pull-out drawers come with various segments offering you to set up your spoon, forks, knives, dishware, and other important utensils. With the help of these drawers, fetching the utensil you need takes less than a microsecond. Also, the total design of the modular kitchen makes look your kitchen area sophisticated and spacious.


The durability and available designs of modular kitchens

As compared to the old traditional kitchens, the newer modular kitchen places take very little place and utilize every square foot neatly with magic corner places, spacious wall cabinets, more than enough pantry shelves. Suntech is well known for its lifetime guaranty on all modular kitchen equipment and services. More than thousands of our clients are happy with our product and services. Also, there are various design patterns like U-shaped, G-shaped, and L-shaped modular kitchens to choose from when you are having a modular kitchen installed.

The average price of having a modular kitchen installed

We have created an average and approximate price list of different shaped modular kitchens below:

  • Normal modular kitchen unit – from 50,000 rupees to 1,25,000 rupees onwards,
  • G shaped modular kitchen unit – from 80,000 rupees to 2,50,000 rupees onwards,
  • Island shaped modular kitchen unit – from 90,000 rupees to 3,00,000 rupees onwards,
  • U shaped modular kitchen unit – from 70,000 rupees to 2,50,000 rupees onwards and
  • L-shaped modular kitchen unit – from 60,000 rupees to 2,00,000 rupees onwards.

Important note: The prices mentioned above can be changed by the contractors.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should anyone install a modular kitchen?

Ans: Like gold, a modular kitchen is a lifetime investment. It is more than necessary to have a modular kitchen for a hassle-free and safe experience for any kind of cooking.

  • What are some of the various design patterns of modular kitchens?

Ans: You can calculate which pattern would be best suitable to you after taking note of your floor plan. Then you may choose from 6 unique design patterns of modular kitchens. The patterns are

    • Normal modular kitchen unit,
    • G shaped modular kitchen unit,
    • Island shaped modular kitchen unit,
    • U shaped modular kitchen unit,
    • L shaped modular kitchen unit and
    • Parallel-shaped modular kitchen unit.
  • What are the maintenance tips for a modular kitchen?

Ans: As with any appliances modular kitchens need almost effortless but mandatory maintenance. Here are some rules to follow:

    • It is important to dry and clean the sink place. If there are some oil spots, clean and rub that place with help of warm water, soft detergent, and a gentle cloth.
    • Never use a sharp or pointy object to clean any area of the modular kitchen.
    • Keep the containers at their respective boxes or drawers and try not to misplace them. Overloading a single cabinet and keeping another one empty might compromise the whole setup.
    • Keep a dry mild cloth to clean the shutters.
    • When you experience any difficulty or there’s some peculiar noise coming when you move the drawers and cabinet, call your service center as soon as possible.
  • Can I refurbish, upgrade, or renovate my current kitchen?

Ans: Talk to your interior designer or contractor about the changes you want in your kitchen. It is an easy process to come up with a design pattern. With a correct budget, you could choose to add or take out some features like material, shelves, chimney. Custom-made kitchens are very useful to every client.

  • What are some useful maintenance tips about modular kitchens?

Ans: As with any appliances, the life of modular kitchens can be long-lasting with correct maintenance. Firstly, the modular kitchen installation would need some visits from mechanics for crucial maintenance checks. Here are some rules to follow:

    • Check for moisture or dampness in the cabinets or drawers, especially during monsoon season. In rare cases, moisture or dampness rusts the metal used in some places.
    • Use a soft, clean, and dry cloth to clean the shutters. They are not shielded from greasy or oil residues, dirt, and dust particles.
    • Never use knives, forks, or any kind of pointy objects to clean any place of the modular kitchen unit.
  • Is modular kitchens better than traditional kitchens?

Ans: Modular kitchens are so much better than old traditional kitchens in many ways. Below are some examples of why modular kitchens are better than traditional kitchens:

    • Special racks for bottles, different racks for spoons and forks, garbage compartment,
    • A vast variety of colors, themes, and design patterns to choose from,
    • Very spacious and also storage efficient,
    • Budget-friendly and custom made and
    • Very smooth to install.
  • What is the basic price for modular kitchen units?

Ans: Modular kitchens are not very costly. The beginning price of a completed modular kitchen, using your choice of wood, sink, chimney, countertop, and other kitchen equipment would start from 1.5 lakh rupees. If you would want to add more accessories and make it custom made, that could cost you up to 5 lakh rupees.

  • Can I have the modular kitchen custom-made?

Ans: Almost all contractors and interior designers offer the choice of having a custom-made modular kitchen unit.

  • How much would it cost to make a normal modular kitchen?

Ans: Average approximate price of a normal modular kitchen would be 50,000 rupees to 1,25,000 rupees.

  • Are modular kitchens adjustable to certain conditions?

Ans: Modular kitchens are organized to accommodate your current interior designs. You can add the modular kitchen onto fixed or pre-embedded systems.

  • Will I get a warranty for my modular kitchen unit?

Ans: Almost all contractors and interior designers provide a warranty for a limited period or lifetime. However, it is important to discuss it with your dealer.

  • What is the difference between traditional and modular kitchens?

Ans: Old traditional kitchens have to be made in the client’s apartment. However, modular kitchens are premade kitchen that only has to be assembled on client’s apartment which only takes a couple of hours or maximum a day.