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Intercoms Features and Benefits: The Essential Guide

Access control

Intercom systems come in various configurations, including those with access control and video capabilities, as well as intercoms that connect to the internet.

Access control and intercoms are surveillance features that enable you to enter your home. Your system must be installed by a licensed installer who works for a registered security business. It’s critical to make sure you’re working with a reputable security firm. It’s a good idea to double-check that the intercom company has the necessary security license.

This guide has been put together to assist you in navigating the many options available today.

What kind of intercom/access control system is best for me?

The features you require will be determined by your demands and lifestyle. Continue reading to learn more about which form of intercom is appropriate for you.

Intercoms with audio and/or video are not available online.

Traditional intercoms are suitable for those who only require basic intercom functionality or are not tech-savvy and do not wish to be distracted by notifications or applications. These intercoms are designed for people who live at home and do not require a mobile phone notification when someone is at the door. These classic methods offer two-way communication between the gate and the monitor if someone is at home.

These intercoms come in two flavors: audio or video alone. Because there is no need to connect to a WiFi network at home, installation and setup are usually more straightforward. Before you answer the door, you may see who is knocking. When you’re busy, audio and visual intercoms allow you to choose to ignore persistent door knockers.

Conventional intercom systems may take pictures when the bell rings, but they are very costly. However, IP Intercoms are more likely to have this capability.

Intercoms with a traditional camera that are of the high grade will be of good quality. When purchasing low-quality devices, however, be cautious. There’s a lot that can go wrong, and there’s typically no guarantee.

IP Intercoms (internet-connected)

IP intercoms can be connected to the internet and provide numerous additional features not seen in classic intercom systems. IP intercoms can be as cheap as or less expensive than classical intercoms of comparable quality.

When someone rings your doorbell or gate, IP intercoms can send you an email message. You will see a live video from your mobile phone to verify the person’s identity by pressing the bell. Without ever leaving your house, you may connect with the delivery person and inform them where your package is. You won’t have to return home to find a delivery note directing you to a depot to pick up your parcel. For more views, connect your IP intercom camera to your CCTV system.

You can converse with the person at your door even if you are not present. IP Intercom can assist stop thieves from going door-to-door in your community, ringing doorbells in search of empty houses to steal from. Anyone who presses the doorbell can be recorded and stored using IP intercoms. You may have witnessed a burglary in your neighborhood where the thief attempted to ring your doorbell previously. You can now obtain a high-resolution photograph of the suspect for use by the police. 

intercom and access control systems

If you want more control over who can enter your home, an intercom with integrated access control is an excellent choice. To unlock the gate or door, use an intercom system connected to an access control electronic lock.

By adding RFID readers, keypads, or access buttons to the gate, you can connect access control with an intercom system. The audio/video monitor station will be connected to these. IP intercom systems allow for the same integrations, but access control intercoms can be controlled via a mobile phone app. Even if you are not at home, you will be able to unlock the door.

RFID tags can also be placed to your car keychain, helping you to unlock your door without needing the correct key. Numeric keypads can also be used to secure keyless entry. Different access levels can be programmed into these keypads, allowing you to keep track of who has accessed your home.

Access Control Is the Only Option

You can have a simple access control system installed in your home without the need for an intercom. A keypad or RFID reader unlocks a gate or entrance with an access control system. It is devoid of any of the above-mentioned audio or visual features. 

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