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Everything Old Is New, Again and Again

1. Everything Old Is New, Again and Again

This thing cannot be stopped, it is like a special kind of life form. It is considered as something like a marketing trick. Everything that becomes old, is handed down to someone else, and they consider it as new.

Remember when your elder siblings would feel that they have outgrown their clothes and that they will hand it over to you. You would feel as though they are something new, but in fact, it is old.

This is the same case with the digital products.

You would ask me how this is possible with digital products? Let me explain to you –

An Author comes up with a great idea and creates a product around that idea.

He then sells the products to different customers and parties that will again help him sell more quantity.

There will be a time when that author will stop selling those products, and forget it, because he has created other products.

Soon everyone forgets about that product.

After some time, a person is able to get hold of that product (and who knows, that person might be the same author).

He already knows that the product is old and that most of the people have probably forgotten about it.

So he decides to add some latest information, and re-sell the product, thus creating value again.

To describe to you this process, in other words, you take an old product from any market, and revive it with some new information and in the process giving it a completely new look.

You give it a new cover, add some of the latest information inside the content of the book, and there you have it.

An old product, that is ready to be sold again because of its fresh look and the content of the product is also considered as fresh because people have forgotten about it.

And if you are wondering whether this dirty little trick will work with Private Label Products? The answer is Yes, in fact, it works even better.

If you are a hard worker, you can rewrite the whole book, and add your name as an author (because you rewrote the book, right?).

Also, if you want, you can add your affiliate links in the content of the book, and throw it in the market. This will generate money for you, and at the same time, it will generate money from your affiliate links.

The product that generates money from more than one source is called a streaming money producer. And in this case, you are getting just that.

But before you jump into this type of money making process, let me explain you the actual process.

You choose a product in which you can make changes, and re-brand it legally.

Once you have got hold of your ideal product, you will open it, and rewrite it if you want. Or you can just slip your affiliate links into it, and add your name in the place of the author. And that’s it.

Just save the changes, and you’re done with it.

And that is the reason why Private Label Products work much better with this type of model because you are able to re-brand the whole product while not having the change the entire content of the book.

This type of money generating model has two benefits. One that you will be able to create an entirely new product from an old one, while you won’t have to work really hard in creating the product.

Second, you will be able to generate multiple streams of income through this product, because of the affiliate links that you had slipped into it while re-branding.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just a college undergrad who wants to make money, or you are already a businessman who wants to generate some side income.

In fact, there are people who are doing this full-time and making a whole living out of it.

2. The Fear Is Always Present, and

This is alive, and more because the dirty tricks report through which you can make easy money. Also, I can guarantee that it will be alive because the internet marketers will be putting this out on the internet for a long time.

The different types of calls to actions are something that make you feel that you will be left behind. In fact, it is so strong that it will turn a cold visitor in a hot buyer, because no one wants to be left behind. And that’s the reason it is called the ‘call-to-action’.

But there is one more thing that works behind this great call to action, and that is the wording of it. It’s the words that you use in those sentences that make the visitors pull out their wallets, and that makes them pay any price that you ask for. They will prefer to go into debt if you provide them the information/value worth that money and effort that they are taking.

For instance, on your sales page, if you put your call to action as “hurry up! This offer will end in the next 24 hours!”

This will surely make the visitor pull out their wallets, because they only have 24 hours to make the payment. After those hours, they will be left behind, and that they will never be able to get the information they deserve (or at least they desire).

But what if you write your call to action as “opt for premium services now, because this offer will end soon!”. The visitor would think, what is soon. Is it tomorrow, or 3 weeks from now?

This type of call to action will turn a hot buyer into a cold visitor who will just leave your page even after reading your whole intriguing sales page. And this is the reason why internet marketers prefer to provide a definite time after which the customers will not be able to purchase the product.

It is that fear that is increased in the customers that they will be left behind everyone else. It is that deadline that makes them feel that if they didn’t make the payment before that, they will suffer a huge loss.

You are guaranteed to miss out some sales, because there will be people who will not be able to make the payment before your deadline. But you need to think this way, you need to make your customers think that if they don’t make the payment now, they will be losing something, and that they will suffer the loss. They should not be thinking that you are pushing them really hard to purchase from you, because you are losing something if they don’t.

In fact, you can hire someone from Fiverr to create a javascript for you that will countdown the time for your customers. This will make them sweat even more. And that is great, because the more intrigued and curious they become, the more easily they will pull out their wallets.

Also, if you want, you can add something really unforgiving, such as, “If you fail to opt for the premium services before the mentioned date, I cannot guarantee whether this page will still be live or not. Make sure that you are taking advantage while you’re having the chance.”

This is one of the best ways to sell your products. And this is how you create fear in the minds of your customers. You make them think that they will be left behind other people if they don’t take action now. You give them a time frame in which they can make the payments and purchase your products (in most cases, you give them a few days). Once they fail to opt-in that time frame, you rip them off the benefits of your product like a thief.

This little trick has proven to work everytime. Whether you want to make some really fast cash, because you are in need of it, or whether you want to have as many affiliates as you can. Generating fear in the minds of people has always proven to work. Even though you will still lose some sales, but you will receive the money in its full potential, because a large amount of people will take action.

3. The Perception Is Everything

If you think that your perception can hold up against an internet marketer in this era, then you are wrong my friend. You should start re-thinking about what you think and what your perception is.

I have been an internet marketer from a long time, and I think I have enough experience in this field to consider myself as an authority (not to brag about). But I think that the power of perception, is something that most people underestimate. If you still think that perception doesn’t plays a huge role in the whole process of selling products, then make sure that you read each and every word of this document carefully.

What is the Power of Perception in the first place?

It is something that doesn’t exist, but it does play a major role in the life of human. It is because, it is their perception towards something that helps them take a decision. In case of digital products, if a person has a perception that if an ebook has more pages in it, then it provides more value. Then this perception will force him to purchase ebooks that has more pages, even though if it doesn’t offer him/her much value.

And if you have purchase some informational products on the internet, then you might have noticed that some of the most thinnest ebooks offer the most amount of value to their readers. For instance, if you think that you need to read a 1000 page ebook on fly fishing, while on the other hand, you will receive the same information in a 20 page ebook.

This is the main reason because of which there are so many ebooks that have so many pages in it. And if you notice, most of these obese ebooks are fluffy, and provides little to no value to its readers. Yet the readers are highly satisfied after the reading such books, just because of their perception that after reading an ebook that has 600 pages, they will be able to apply that information in their real life. While on the other hand, they could have read a 15 page ebook on the same topic which might have included the steps through which they could apply the information in their real lives.

So what really is the difference between a 600 page ebook, and a 20 page ebook? Well, to be really honest, it’s the pages, and that’s it. It is guaranteed that the author of the 600 page ebook will be able to sell more copies than the author of the 20 page ebook solely on the number of pages included in their ebooks.

So, if you are really considering the perception thing in your marketing, then make sure that you keep in mind that it is solely based on the quantity of something, rather than the quality of that thing.

In your next ebook, let all your information just flow into those Word Processor pages, because your customers want a 300 page ebook, rather than just a 40 page ebook. And if you are a fast, and fluid writer, then you shouldn’t have any problem writing that many pages, because you are guaranteed to sell those ebooks. And if you are thinking about the useless pages in your ebook, you don’t really have to worry about those, because your customers will still love it.

It is because of their perception that they’ve read a 300 page ebook, will make them feel really good about it. They will still leave a great feedback on your product even if you only provide value in the last 20 pages of your book. Also, if you follow this ingenious perception strategy, you could really launch yourself into fame as an awesome writer.

4. Is It Really Possible To Make Money from “Make Money”?

This has been the latest trend of question nowadays, because of the huge amount of people who are willing to just into this make money online thing (heck, even my dad is interested in it now). Money has been the most important factor of our survival on this planet, and no one can simply ignore it. Everyone needs it, and it doesn’t matter how much money they are able to generate.

It is so surprise that those make money online products still sell like crazy, and that people are still interested in reading the information in those newly launched ebooks (even if they just offer a revamped value in those ebooks). It is because the making money subject can never really die soon, because of the factor that I mentioned above.

But there is a catch. You really don’t know who is trying to pocket your hard earned money, and who is really trying to help you make some bucks online. And there is a solution for that too.

It is you.

There is no other person who can provide true value about making money online other than you. It is because you have the best knowledge about how you make money. Even though you think that you don’t earn a living online, but the information that you provide in those ebooks, will still be loved by people because of you being a realistic. You can mention about the process that you go through, and the work you do to keep earning to important bucks online that help you with your bill payment.

But there are people who love to get information from people who were successful in making money online. But how can we define success in the digital world? The people define it.

You see, there is no particular definition of success. So, even if you are able to make just $10 online, then you are successful in making money online. It is because those $10 bucks are still money, right? And there is no other person that is judging you other than yourself. You can teach people the things that you learned in the process of making those $10 bucks online, and even if you charge a little bit for that information, people will be thankful for that information.

Also, if you are able to make a recurring income online, and have started making profits, then you can go ahead and make a step by step guide in which you mention the whole process of it. It doesn’t matter whether you are able to help people just earn the amount of their daily coffee, or you are able to help them earn a living online. As long as you are providing true, and information that really works, you are bound to be hit and have fame.

And if you are thinking that those people will start leaking your money making process online and in no time that information will no longer be useful? Don’t worry about that, because out of a thousand people, there will only be a handful of people who will really complete all the steps that you mention in your guide and start making money online. Others will surely read the whole guide, while some will get really excited and take those baby steps. But at the end, there will be just a handful of people who will be doing the real hard work to really make money online.

You don’t need to tell them everything about how you make money online. In fact, if you are earning money from different sources, then it is even better for you to write about one source at a time. Also, you are not obliged to tell them EVERYTHING. If you give them everything, then you will not be able to sell them anything later on. You have to learn this marketing thing because you need to keep creating recurring income.

Lastly, you don’t just have to write one ebook on the Make Money Online topic and leave it there. As long as you are still learning about the topic, and learning new ways to earn money online, you can keep writing new ebooks, or keep making new products. Because methods and ways change over time, and that if you learn something new, you can create new information products about them.

Most internet marketers use this trick to get returning customers who love their content, even though they don’t provide the whole information. In fact, if you are an aspiring internet marketer, then you can take this advice and take your first baby step to start making decent money online by creating information products. Just make sure that the information that you will learn throughout the process, you use it in the right way.

5. The Eye Is Slower Than The Persona

If you didn’t already know, but most internet marketers are like magicians, and in most cases, they play double roles (sort of).

Most internet marketers express a different persona than their original one. Just like the person known as “The Rich Jerk”. We all know that this is not the original name of that person, and that his/her personality is not what he tries to maintain on the internet. The fact is that this types of alter ego’s work in the internet marketing world. Moreover, most people tend to do the things that the “gurus” mention, that is, doing what already works, and trying to improve it.

But there is a catch; what if there is no room for improvement? That’s when most people take hiccups, and see the problems arise. These problems then lead to controversial debates.

Most people prefer to hide their original identities behind the computer screen for legit reasons, and that is completely okay. But if you are using an alter ego for marketing purposes, then you will have to deal with the good and the evil. Because there is a battle between the two, and after some time, it becomes really difficult to handle it.

The point is that this tactic is working really well for many people. In fact, most writers are used to writing books under a ‘pen’ name. There might be a time when you realize that the person you were following on the internet for years, has a different name than what mentioned, and you shouldn’t be surprised because it was just for marketing purposes.

These types of alter ego’s are really great if you want to create controversy online. Take the example of The Rich Jerk for instance. He treat’s his customers like garbage when they come up to him with an issue. But then too they turn up to him if they face any issues, because that person seems legit. That is the persona game, you have to maintain your persona and not change your ego at any time. By keeping it going, you make the people feel like that is your real persona. And this will make you an authority.

I already know the true identity of The Rich Jerk, but I think if I reveal it on the internet, I would do a disservice to the knowledge he has passed to his customers and everyone else. But what if you are trying to build an online persona and you are not able to decide whether you should go for it or not. What if people came to know that it is not your real persona, and they reveal it to everyone?

It all depends on you, whether you are able to keep it a secret.

If you have a big mouth, and you spit everything out, then you should leave this trick here, because once people come to know about your persona, they will not trust you. You will be tagged as a bad person.

If you might have noticed, there are many internet marketers who don’t even reveal a name to their audience. All they are identified with, is Mr. V or Mr. X, or Mr. (something). Here they are not just creating a persona, they are creating an actual person with an identity. These type of persons almost always reveal something that is not common to everyone else. And that is the main reason why they are able to attract so much attention from the people.

You might not believe, but there are many internet marketers that even prove the authenticity of their products through video. They are simply great actors who will make you believe every bit of information that they tell you in their videos, even though it is all scripted and staged. And once you are convinced after watching these videos, your curiosity increases and you want to find out more about their products and services by entering your credit card details on that webpage. You are not even asked for the payment, but then too you pull out your wallets, just out of curiosity.

You see, the most famous people are seductive to everyone. And there is a secret to that. They risk a lot to provide information to you, and you just fantasize about them. They become your hero’s, because they are our dream personality. We want to be brave as them, and risk everything to provide information to people.

And if you are someone who can risk almost everything, and provide information while still keeping this trick a secret. Then you can start using it to your advantage, and become your dream person.

6. Yes, Making Money From Email List Is Still The Best Way.. Only If You Know The Trick

This exact sentence has been used millions of times on the internet, and I can’t emphasize enough, but assure you that making money from your email list is still the best and guaranteed way to make money online. But is it really true? What if it is just another internet marketers secret that they don’t want us to know?

The answer is both, Yes and No.

To be honest, you can earn a lot of money from your mailing list. But that doesn’t always mean that you will be rich once you have enough subscribers. It all depends on the efficiency through which you promote your products, and how much information you are providing your subscribers that doesn’t annoy them.

And most internet marketers will say that you should be able to make at least 1% off of your email subscribers. That means, if you are selling a product that is worth $10, and that you have 100 subscribers on your mailing list. Then you should expect at least one sale from that.

But what if you are promoting an affiliate product that is worth $197 and you will be earning 50% commission on it? Based on the above estimation, you should at least make on sale from your mailing list, right? This means that if you manage to generate just one sale, you will be pocketing a $98.50 commission, and that is a huge difference in your earnings.

To make things simple for you, I would say that the number of subscribers doesn’t matter nowadays. Everything that matters, is engaging subscribers who are always communicating you regarding different issues, and that they are active on your blog as well. These are the subscribers who will purchase any product that you promote them. And if you have a maximum number of these subscribers, then you will be able to earn much more than 1%.

The way you build your email matters the most. For instance, consider that you built one email list by offering a freebie on your website. While promoting a paid product to that email list, you should expect a 1% conversion rate, because that list was built by giving away freebies, and that those people never really purchased anything from you.

Now consider that you built another email list of the customers that purchased from you previously. While promoting another paid product, you can expect at least a 2% – 100% conversion rate, because these people actually bought from you in the past, and that they will be willing to purchase from you again (if your previous product was really useful to them).

I cannot guarantee that the above mentioned examples are 100% correct, because I too am a human and I can make mistakes. And the best way to identify your converting subscribers, is to offer them a product that is low in price, that provides immense value to them. You can then make another email list of the subscribers who actually purchased from you, so that you will be able to promote other products to them in future.

And there is another secret to pocketing huge profits from your mailing list, and that is to have to than one mailing list.

Yes, that’s true. All those A level marketing guys that you find on the internet, have more than on mailing list. The calculation from these mailing lists is simple. Even if you are getting just one sale from 2 of your mailing lists, then you will already be earning more than just having one mailing list. For instance, consider the one sale per 100 subscribers thing, if you had one mailing list, then you would make only 1 sale. But if you had 2, or maybe 3 mailing lists, then you would easily earn double or triple the amount of what you would have earned from one mailing list.

And if you think that those A-level marketing guys were just promoting random products in their niches, then you seriously have to spend some quality time researching their marketing tactics. Those people narrow down their niche, and even after narrowing down their niche, they promote a specific product that suites a specific type of audience. For instance, they will not be just promoting a ‘Make Money Online’ product to their audience. They will create an email list of people who are housewifes, or mothers, and promote them a ‘How Housewifes and Mothers can make money online at home’ product.

7. The Human Appeal

Ever heard that the best story tellers are often one of the best marketers? Yes, that’s true. It doesn’t matter whether these story tellers are trying to sell something online, or offline. They can always add that human appeal to their story, and sell anything.

In fact, you should try story telling, and who knows that you might end up increasing your income by an extra thousand dollars? If you are able to associate an awesome story with the product that you are selling, then you won’t be needing to write any sales copy, because your story will be much more compelling that those artificial sales pages.

One thing that I’ve noticed about story telling, is that the person who tells that story, hypes it up to make it more compelling and interesting to their audience. Even though these stories might have been passed through centuries, an awesome story teller will always be able to use that story to sell their products and services. It is just that hype, that provides the extra human appeal, and makes it more interesting overall.

Consider a basic sales letter that most of us find online. It includes the following things –

  • Introduction of the problem
  • Mentioning the solutions that the product will provide regards to that problem.
  • The price that you will be paying to get hold of those solutions.
  • The good things that other people have said after purchasing that great product.
  • A button from where you can purchase that product.

The sales letter that I mentioned above, feels like it is mostly created for the machines, because there is no human touch or appeal in it. It becomes boring for a person to read the whole page till the end. It is like a student who is reading his high school textbook. But what if there was a story in place of the introduction of the problem? What if the problem was mentioned in the form of a compelling and interesting story?

For instance, imagine that you just finished writing a guide about how you can control alcohol, and the dangers of alcohol abuse. And the reason you wrote that book, is because one of your relative’s health was deteriorating because of alcohol abuse, and that they didn’t had any extra money to get proper medical attention. But how many of us would actually mention that in our sales page? Most of us would simply go by the above mentioned template of a sales page, and even if they are able to generate just one sale from it, they would be more than thankful.

By just adding the story in your sales page, you could multiply the amount of money you would make from that sales page. It is simply because people want to know about other people’s lives, and they want to know the stories of other people. If you are able to write a really compelling story on your sales page, you won’t even need to add many things in your actual product, your customers will just purchase the product because of that compelling story.

The only reason this story telling works, is because people feel that an actual human being wrote that sales page, and that they are interacting with a real human on the other side of the monitor.

Here’s another story that will spike your interest.

Consider that you lost your job, and you were about to lose everything that you owned. Your car, your home, and even your family doesn’t want you to stay with them. And on top of that, you just have $5 in your pocket/bank account.

You are dead broke, before you would lose your internet connection, you decided to give it one last shot, and see what you could do out of that $5. Suddenly/luckily you found your solution that turned your $5 into $3000 pure profit. This saved you from being bankrupt and homeless. And now that you are making thousands of dollars on the internet on a monthly basis, you and your family are now living a happy life.

Now lets consider that you want to write a book in which you mention the same thing and the way you found that solution. You want to write this book because you have met and worked with some people who were in the same position as you. Who do you think would purchase this book? Everyone.

Not only because they will be able to learn about how they can earn some more money (and who doesn’t like that?), they will love your story, and you are a living example of a happy ending of that story.

An awesome Story

A Happy Ending, and

A Money Making Solution That Everyone Can Afford

This story alone will allow your book to sell like wildfire.

This is the reason most marketers are one of the worlds best storytellers ever. It is because they know that this tactic is guaranteed to work, no matter what and how your product is.

So the next time you write your sales page content, make sure that you avoid hiring someone to write you a tricky sales page. It is because your story alone could bring the amount of profits that you’ve never imagined.

8. How Do Bums Make Money Online

What is the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing the word ‘Bum”. Probably a person who lives on the street, and is always begging to afford daily meals, right? Well the kind of Bums that I want to talk about is completely different. These are online Bums that have a completely different description.

These are the people who want to make easy money online. This is how they do it –

An online marketing Bum will rewrite or republish someone else’s article that is usually 400-900 words in length. They will then post these articles on different article directories, blogs, and websites.

But while posting these articles on these websites, or other places, they add some little money making links or Google Ads to their blogs. And since these articles will be about a specific topic, they will include a suitable product link in that article.

The funny thing about these type of Bum Marketers, is that they are doing nothing other than writing short articles, and offering them for free. And they manage to take away profits. In fact, if someone is doing this on a higher level, they are considered as a person of value and that people actually do turn up to these people for advice.

Even though this method is not being used on a large scale, it does bring positive results for those who are using it. It really depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. For instance, if you post 10 articles, and add some links into it, then you will receive some trickles of money from it. But if you go all out, and post 100 articles on different places, then you will start receiving multiples of those trickles of profits.

The point here is that you should post your articles in places where it will get in the online circulation. This will get your articles in front of many eyes, and the more people who see the better it is for you. Because there will be more chances of people clicking your links, and viewing your ads.

So if you are doing this already, or if you are thinking to do this, then you should remember one thing. This is all about quantity, and not about quality. The more articles you post, and the more money making links and ads that you put in those articles, the more chances you will have of earning money from them.

That being said, there are many different places where you can learn about this Bum Marketing, because people have already started turning the stones in this method of making money online. And if this is the first time that you’ve read about this way, then you should search for more details about this type in any web browser that you prefer.

9. Squeeze Our Your Profits

In the online world, when we talk about squeezing, we are talking about squeezing out our profits from the mailing lists that we’ve created. Squeezing isn’t the term that is only used while making your Orange Pulp. Here is the Squeezing process –

  • You just create one page on your website that collects the email addresses of the visitors.
  • If your visitors provide their email addresses, you give them something for free in return.
  • You do this for a while, and keep increasing your email subscribers
  • As the number of subscribers increase, the chances of you earning money off them increases.

This is the process that we refer to while talking about Squeezing in the digital world. And I’m pretty sure that if you do this right, you will be able to pocket more profit that your own juice center selling Orange Pulp. The only thing that you need to make sure, is that you are getting the right people to sign up to your mailing list, and that it is always increasing. Once you’ve set this up, all you have to do, is put a product in front of those subscribers, and they will snatch it away from you.

But money should not be your main goal, or else your subscribers might unsubscribe from your mailing list out of annoyance. If they find out that you are over-promoting your products, and providing little to no value, then you will soon start to lose your subscribers. Our main goal here is to keep them engaged, while occasionally promoting some of our products that will help them immensely.

Here are some ways through which you can get the right people to sign up to your mailing list –

  • After promoting something to your subscribers, offer the buyers to hop into a special mailing list before allowing them to make the payment. This method will get you the most interested, and highly converting subscribers.
  • If you want to sweeten the deal, then give them something for free along with the purchased product.
  • Just create one page on your website that will collect the email addresses of your visitors, and that you are giving away something for free to them for providing their email addresses to you.

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