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Advice from the Expert: 9 Clever Tricks to Give a Spacious Look to Your Small Kitchen

Tricks to Give a Spacious Look to Your Small Kitchen

Secrets from the Effective Designer!

Are you driven round the bend each time you are stepping into your confined kitchen? Need not worry! You can still make this small space bigger. Our interior designers give intellectual, straightforward tricks to give a spacious look to your small kitchen:


Golden Triangle

The rule of the golden triangle is one of the factors that are imperative for the design of your small kitchen.

Golden Triangle makes sure that you are efficient whilst working in the kitchen

“Never should you forget to have your hob, refrigerator, and sink fall within the triangular lines. This will assure easier access and space widespread enough, particularly in a parallel kitchen, for two people to work without banging into each other.”

Twisha Thakker Kothari, Mumbai

Golden triangle is best suited in parallel and L-shaped Kitchens

“Single-wall option is always available for narrow spaces. This enables the arrangement of all appliances, storage, and the work-space along a single line. Sure shot this is an optimization way to kitchen space.”

Avneet Kaur Hanspal, Mumbai


Drenching in Neutrals

Light colors tend to cast a peaceful impression, whilst giving an extroverted feeling to the kitchen. Not just that, you can effortlessly combine neutrals with a wide range of colors therefore there are endless probabilities! 

Grey cabinets are bound to Open up a Compact Kitchen Space

“By adding white on cabinets, countertops, walls, and ceiling you can form a seamlessly roomy space. This can be further layered with several shades of white or paired with a texture that is contrasting for assurance of it not looking so boring.”

Akshata Suresh, Bengaluru

For a small kitchen, sorbet colors like this one will sound perfect 

“I always make use of neutrals towards the creation of a wide, spacious look. For jazzing up the things, I opt for colored laminates or make the addition of interesting dimensions with tiles, blackboards, or even handles on shutters that give an elegant look.”

Twisha Thakker Kothari, Mumbai


Cabinets for Visual Tricks

If you are looking at your kitchen cabinets from a purely functional standpoint, you must use your common sense to utilize these tricks for styling them and expanding your line of vision. 

Opt for lofts to play visual tricks in a compact kitchen 

“Always go for ceiling-high cabinets. It will upgrade height by drawing your eyes upward, and consequently, more storage space will be obtained.”

Avneet Kaur Hanspal, Mumbai

Space illusion created by Frosted Glass Cabinets

“Always add depth by using glass doors. But, if you are having a few solid doors for privacy, then you need to go for recessed panels for the creation of shadows that are stylish and subtle.”

Akshatha Suresh, Bengaluru


The God-Send Modular Storage

Ranging from wire baskets to magic corners, the accessories of modular kitchens are helpful in the upkeep of organized small kitchens. 

Pull-out Trays – A perfect Space Saver! 

“Investment is bound to be made for making count every inch of your counter. You can use a dead corner to induct a cabinet for concealing coffeemakers, toasters, and other small appliances.”

Gwyneth Dias, Mumbai

In context to small space, nothing could be like enough storage as such.

“Life can be simplified utilizing smart storage. If you are having tight spaces, you must make use of a slim pullout pantry, such that the items in the rear are just as easily accessible as the ones in the front.”

Radhika Thirani, New Delhi


A Bright and Airy Make

If you are beginning from scratch to build your kitchen, then you must make use of this handy tip for breaking a traditional kitchen boundary. 

Form a compact breakfast table by extension of the counter.

“Go for an open kitchen by doing away with walls. You can use the counter for meal preparation as well as for dining. Not only the kitchen aesthetics are upped but even its openness is magnified and socialization is encouraged during meal times.”

Radhika Thirani, New Delhi

Alternatively, you can do large windows incorporation or at least ensure existing windows are having minimum coverings and allow an abundance of natural light to come in. 

White Surfaces and Profile Lighting – Brightness Maximized


U Shape Emitting Efficiency

One of the most convenient kitchen types is the U-Shaped kitchen despite your less availability of kitchen space. In this shape, you can fit in a large amount of storage, cabinetry, and countertop space within a small area. This will be helpful in the upkeep of things in an organized and clutter-free manner. 

Provision of Ample Storage in Small Spaces

U Shaped Kitchen is Always Showing Elegance and Spaciousness


Clean Horizontal Lines

We are all aware that horizontal lines give a wider look to space. Therefore, if you are willing to form the space illusion in your small kitchen design, you must go for opting designs that are bound to use horizontal lines. To illustrate, the rectangular designed wallpapers are a great way of giving your space a larger look.

The illusion of Space Created by the Horizontal Pattern

Chessboard Pattern of the Wallpaper Attractive


Tricks of Smart Flooring

Forgiving a larger look to the kitchen, you need to be concentric on the flooring aspect. As dependent upon the available design(s), your floor can give your kitchen a more spacious look. Too much design on the tiles is bound to make a cluttered look on the space. So what are you thinking? Go for clean and minimal flooring designs. 

Any room can look spacious employing the flooring

Every Flooring is supposed to be subtle and Minimal


Vertical Space Usage with Open Shelves

Upon the space being less, vertical spaces are bound to come to your rescue. Make investments in wall-mounted cabinets for assurance of enough storage sans occupying much space. Besides, you must go for candid cabinets in place of closed ones. This is because open cabinets tend to form the space illusion and give the kitchen a large and airy look.

Small Space has no Implication of your Foregoing on Storage

A Kitchen that can be Smart, Up-to-the-minute, and Efficient!

Making use of the above-mentioned tips, you can transform your small kitchen into a commodious yet cozy sanctuary where you can get a delightful experience by whipping meals.  

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