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Who Else Wants To Learn To Add New Color To Their Kitchen?

There was a time in the history of home design when kitchens were not given the attention they deserved. Neutral color palettes with dull browns and beiges, black granite for counter tops, and white ceramic tiles were the only options for design. People began experimenting with hues, tones, materials, accessories, and other elements after the development of open and modular kitchens. This design awareness resulted in more informed decisions. As a result, colors began to play an important role in space planning and design. The proper kitchen color combinations will make the space feel warm and inviting, while bad combinations might result in design catastrophes. There are a handful of the most beautiful yet unusual kitchen colour combinations that you should try. Grey color palettes are very popular these days, in any setting. The splash back is made of peach terrazzo stone, which is highlighted with strip lighting to break up the grey's somberness. Despite the fact that grey is the dominating color in this design, peach stands out like a star. Isn't it crazy to think about a green kitchen? However, if utilized correctly, it can outshine other cool colors. A subtle pistachio green is employed in this kitchen, which pairs well with the trendy black and white patterned tiles on the backsplash. What an astute design choice to use vibrant brown oak laminates on the cabinets to break up the heaviness. The creamy peach compliments the tranquil white in this unique kitchen color combinations. A kitchen that exudes both vigor and tranquility. The cabinets and pantry are bathed in delicious peach, while the rest of the palette is muted. Overall, it's a stylish setting. Pink is a very versatile hue that comes in a variety of tones and variations. Pink, a color associated with romance and love, isn't just for beds; it can also be used in the kitchen. Let’s read ahead to know more about some great kitchen color combinations.

Whether it is the wee hours of the day, or there is a party at your house. The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the house. It is because everyone gets hungry from time to time, and the kitchen is where all the food is stored (unless you store your food in your closet).

Not only that, many families tend to spend most of their time together in the kitchen itself.

And since food is something that we need to survive, we need to make sure that the place in which it is being stored, is well cleaned and follows a good hygiene.

We need to make sure that there is space for everything from cleaning the utensils to their drying zones.

There is already so much stuff in the kitchen that leaves little to no room for decorating it so that we feel great while spending time there.

But it is not totally impossible for someone to decorate it, because let’s are honest, nothing is impossible. We can make our kitchens look more attractive by using different color combinations.

There is always room to change the colors in your kitchen, and that these colors will affect your time being spent in that area of your house.


Not to mention that it has been scientifically proven that colors can actually affect the eating habits of a person.

So here are some of the best colors that have been tested and proven to improve the look and feel of your kitchen –


Neutral And Rich Colors

This combination has always been the most prominent choice of individuals because it is simple and looks great. And considering the Indian kitchens, this type of color combinations has always been favored.

When the walls of the kitchen are painted with neutral colors like white, crème, etc. and the other accessories are painted with different color combinations such as red, yellow, blue, etc.

the simplicity pops out. It is because the accessories attract all the attention of a viewer and that it hides the drabness of the walls that were painted with neutral colors.

But choosing the colors of your accessories is the main part here. You don’t want to choose something that will then make your kitchen look too simple to work in.

it should look live, and fresh. Colors such as aqua, green, red, etc. will make your kitchen look alive and fresh.  These types of color combinations are proven to make your kitchen look decent yet glorious because of its simplicity and liveliness.

Also, if your kitchen is in a small area, then to these color combinations will make it look spacious and sober.

Adding Bright Tiles

Many people think that the kitchen walls should always be without tiles (because that’s the fashion), but its not the case. In fact, adding bright tiles that have themes like vegetables and fruits will make your kitchen come to life.

There are many ways that you can come up with. You can either choose a combination of tiles and make a complete picture of it, or you can run a series of highlighter tiles and then color the two parts of the wall.

There is no harm in experimenting with the look of your kitchen. In fact, experiments at welcomed in this era, because it brings so much attractiveness to our lives, and no one knows what they might come up with.

So try choosing the new designs, instead of choosing the traditional type of tiles. Another great thing about utilizing tiles in your kitchen is that you don’t need to do them too much aggressive cleaning to make it look great.

All you have to do is soap it with warm water and it will shine again.

Abstract Colors Are Always Great

You are not obliged to always paint your kitchen walls with a bright color.

You will be surprised with the patterns that you can create with these monotonic colors. Consider the white color, there are countless patterns that can be created with black check colors.

Decorating your kitchen with these basic abstract colors doesn’t need you to change the whole color scheme of your kitchen.

You can just choose the tile according to the base color of your kitchen, while all the accessories can remain in the same color as they were.

Not only that, if you just want to test this, you can use these abstract modifications in just one area of your kitchen.

Many people would advise you not to use it on the whole kitchen as well because that small area with the abstract colors looks more beautiful than the whole kitchen filled with those abstract colors.

The Alternate Colors

Having different colors, but repeating them on alternate walls or more than one walls can really turn your kitchen into the most attractive place in your house.

Just choose a color that goes well with the base color of your kitchen, and use it one more than one accessory or walls. Try to use it on alternate accessories or walls to make it look more appealing.

You won’t find many kitchens done like this, but the ones that are done, look lively and much better than other types.

Making The Fifth Wall More Attractive

Now before you start asking me what the fifth wall is, it is the ceiling.

There has been a recent trend where the interior designers are trying their best to make these ceilings look as attractive as they can.

And in the case of your kitchen where you want to use every place to use it for storage, the ceiling is the best place where you can give it a royal look.

It doesn’t matter whether your walls and other accessories have been done with colors that are nude, just adding false ceiling can pull your desired look.

The Floor Is Yours

If you think that not many people will look at your ceiling, then you can modify the flooring of your kitchen.

Also, this can be a great option for people who are running on a budget and don’t want to modify the walls and accessories of their kitchen.

Just modifying the floor can give you a much better feeling about your kitchen.

You should choose tiles that have abstract colors because they do the best job in glooming your kitchen.

Remember, this is the flooring of your kitchen, so make sure that you don’t choose something floral because that will surely destroy the whole look.

Lights Are Always Beautiful

Adding lights to anywhere in your house can improve the beauty of it. Your kitchen is no exception. This option is economical and also gives you an entirely new perspective through which you view your kitchen.

You can either change all the lights, or you can look for a space that is empty and add fancy lights there.

If you choose lamps, then make sure that they are appropriately colored so that when you light them up, they add more colors to your kitchen.

If you ask my personal choice of colors, then they are orange, blue or yellow. It is because these are bright colors and that they give us a good feeling when we see them.

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