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A Glance at Modular Kitchen in Punjab

We are always surrounded in this modern world with a term called ‘Modular Kitchen design’ but still many of us don’t know what it is. You must have seen the designs of Modular Kitchen in Punjab at many places but might not have recognized it. Set of style related to kitchen furniture is called Modular Kitchen design and this includes kitchen cabinets and other furniture. You can combine a lot of designs of Modular Kitchen in Punjab to make a design of your own as the market is filled with so many options. You can take the help of the numerous books and websites that are available on the topic.

Modular Kitchen Accessories

The modular kitchen is simply elegant with top-notch interior designs and styles fitted with pre-made cabinet parts. The most common accessories found in these kitchens include:

  • Cooker Hoods: The cooker hoods are most essential in every modular kitchen as they are useful in eliminating smoke from the kitchen caused while cooking food. As Indian food contains strong aromas cooker hoods are a must in the Indian kitchen.
  • Cabinets: Different types of cabinets are a very important accessory of the modular kitchen. Cabinets are used for storing containers of various sizes and this also helps to increase the storage facility in a kitchen.
  • Cooking Range: Cooking ranges are available in different sizes which include two burners and four burners and these cooking units can be fixed into the granite countertops.
  • Shutters and Shelves: Shutters and shelves are also included in these kitchens. They are used to store crockery items such as plates, bowls and so forth.
  • Pull out Drawers: Pull out drawers is used for storing food items, utensils and spices.

A modular kitchen also includes accessories such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, sink, pantry and many more.

Attractive Feature of a Modular Kitchen

  • As you know that limited space is available in cities. These modern kitchens are a solution to this problem. These ultra-modern kitchens can be integrated and disintegrated easily as these are available in varieties and designs.
  • Durability is also another attractive feature of this kitchen. If bought from an authentic dealer, kitchen accessories of these types last for a long period.
  • Among these kitchen types, a huge range of colours and designs can be found. As most of the fittings are readymade it is quite easy to install these kitchen accessories. There are beyond hundred ways of laying these accessories which widens its scope of designs. The U- shape and the L- shape are the most commonly used kitchen shapes.
  • To make it even more sophisticated, modern and well equipped today modular kitchen is fitted with innumerable accessories. Accessories like elegant fittings, sleek glass work, trendy wooden finishes coupled with the latest gadgets. Interior decorators are keen on using chic and stylish hardware such as stainless steel doorknobs, vibrant coloured doors and so forth.


In comparison to the traditional one a well designed and efficient kitchen has several advantages. The benefits of a modular kitchen are as follows:

      • A modular kitchen gives a clean, trendy and stylish look and it is spacious too. An extraordinary look to the kitchen is added by the use of straight-line cuts and patterns with a variety of modern contemporary finishes.
      • In terms of budget opting for a modular kitchen is a wise decision as it costs lesser than the traditional ones. You just have to spend on buying appliances and getting additional work done to optimize the space.
      • This can be cleaned and maintained in a much efficient manner.
      • As they offer better storage facility they are ideal for even small spaces

Important Things to Consider

When you are constructing a new or converting your old kitchen into a modular one, it is important to keep the following things in mind:-

      • Shape: The shape of the kitchen plays a very important role. The standard kitchen is of L- shaped, straight, U- shaped or parallel shaped. It is imperative to make a blueprint of the place if you desire to convert your kitchen into a modular one. Then you have to analyze what all spaces can be utilized and then you can go with buying essential utilities and material.
      • Space Available: Modular kitchen installation depends on the space available. If the kitchen space is small then it can be converted into an open kitchen by taking some more space from the room adjoining or use the available space smartly by effectively placing utilities.
      • Material Used: To increase your kitchens life using high-quality materials such as pre-laminated particle boards, plywood etc. By using these materials an extra charm is added to the overall look of the kitchen as these materials are waterproof, heat, fire and rodent resistant.
      • Budget: One of the most important factors that must be taken into consideration is deciding on the budget. According to the budget, one must decide and customize the components and materials.


With units of cabinets designed especially for different purposes, Modular Kitchen in Punjab is the modern layout of kitchen furniture. To suit the needs and taste of different group of people these are available in diversified materials and colours.

It is usually very difficult to select the best option for your kitchen with such diverse options. The task becomes easy as well as interesting if you keep certain guidelines and considerations in mind while selecting the most modular kitchen.

A modular kitchen in Punjab gives amazing ideas for your kitchen as well as gives tips to make your space more functional for you, your family and guests. A modular kitchen in Punjab gives aesthetic appeal, efficiency and convenience.

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